19 Rare Photos You Need to See at Least Once in Your Life

4 years ago

To live is to wonder about people’s imaginations, the powers of nature, and even the simplest things that surround us every single day. And if sometimes you feel a lack of inspiration, all you need to do is take a look around you and try to see ordinary things from a completely different angle. Hopefully, this article will give a boost to your imagination and remind you of how great and diverse our world can be.

Bright Side put together 19 amazing shots you’ve probably never seen before in your life.

19. When a sheep hasn’t been sheared for 6 years:

18. This is how babies get X-rays.

17. A handprint of an 8-year-old boy after playing outside

16. How the sun looks when you take pictures at the same place and time every week for a year:

15. The life cycle of a leaf

14. A turtle coming out of hibernation

13. An Egyptian passport of the legendary Pharaoh, Ramesses II.

12. This sealed plastic bottle shows how air pressure changes with height.

11. The incredible powers of a ballet dancer

10. An electrician was left with stars in his eyes after experiencing a 14,000-volt shock through his body.

9. The before and after pictures of a man who walked across China for a year

8. This sunset above the clouds looks like lava in the sky.

7. A 10-MB hard disk from the 1960’s

6. A visual representation of how many earths could fit inside the sun

5. A seed travels a long way to get to your cup of coffee.

4. Apparently, hairless guinea pigs look exactly like tiny hippos.

3. The world’s smallest city park located in Portland, OR

2. Millions of years in one picture

1. A polar bear paw compared to human hands

Have you ever managed to capture anything rare and special? Feel free to share your photos in the comments!


This 10-MB disc is so huge. It's so crazy to imagine how far we have developed. I still remember floppy disks being used though! :)
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