19 Times Kids Did Their Best to Be Good But Got What They Got

Every parent can recall millions of stories about when their child painted the walls, colored their face with a marker, or spilled milk on a laptop. And you’re not alone: each of these photos proves that our tireless small investigators will never let us get bored.

Bright Side gathered the brightest examples of kids’ good and kind intentions. But suddenly something went wrong.

“My daughter drew bullfinches in kindergarten. I think it’s beautiful. But am I the only one who sees a cruel murder and a knife in the back?”

How much do I have?

Now this is a real kidnapping!

A daughter made a great surprise for the world’s best dad.

A kid’s true love

This little kid locked his mom out of the car and laughed at the rescuers who tried to get him out.

When your dream started unexpectedly:

When a child lists literally all their parent’s advantages that come to mind:

When you understand that your kid truly loves you:

Why should it be wasted?

That’s how one’s personal style appears.

“Got a greeting card from my 11-year-old daughter.”

When you decide to improve your little brother:

“How can I be angry at such a declaration of love?”

Now it’s your turn to share your funny photos of your kids showing their love. Who will be the first?


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