6 Amazing Things You Never Learned At School

10 months ago

We get taught a lot of things at school, but there’s an ocean of cool information out there. We have collected some of the most interesting facts.

What your hands look like after you’ve washed them:

What the contents of an egg looks like underwater:

The number of flights which take place in 24 hours:

Eiffel Tower gets taller in the summer

As the iron becomes hotter, the tower may experience an increase in height of up to 15 centimeters (equivalent to 6 inches) as a result of thermal expansion.

Prunes not cheese

In the 1840s, individuals refrained from smiling in photographs, considering it childish. As a substitute for saying “cheese,” they adopted the term “prunes” to maintain a taut mouth posture during picture-taking.

The eye of an ostrich is larger in size when compared to its brain.


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