20+ BFF Couples That Prove Animals Are Humans Too but With a Tad More Fur

3 years ago

There are studies that show that animals can experience the same range of emotions as humans do. Our pets can feel anger, love, compassion, joy, and grief. And we can see evidence of this every day when dogs cry if they’re separated from their friends or when bison become foster moms for rescue bulls.

Bright Side is not going to convince you with words but we’ll let you see for yourself how parrots, dogs, and other animals can be best buddies.

1. “My dog looking like a proud dad next to my newborn nephew a few months ago...”

2. Double Brofist

3. An old dog named Schwabo always cries when he is separated from his best friend, Rocky.

4. “My dog made a friend at the park and they became inseparable. Turns out they were brother and sister.”

5. “My chicken has a hard time seeing, so my dog takes him around the yard when he can’t find the other chickens.”

6. We thought our husky got lost but it turns out she just made friends with a buck.

7. The big brother had surgery and the little sister is comforting him.

8. Nothing like the bond between a boy and his dog.

9. Best friends holding hands

10. A soft pup with a cute noodle!

11. “My son and his kitten watching TV”

12. This Labrador is best friends with a duck.

13. When you’re too excited to see your buddy:

14. BFFs wearing matching suits

15. These llamas let a zebra join their squad after her mom died.

16. Doing yoga together

17. Twin brothers and the turkeys they raised

18. A blind golden retriever got his own guide dog.

19. Italo didn’t know his birth mom, but a bison named Helen became his foster mom.

20. A rescue dog became friends with a rescue pigeon.

21. This rescue goat befriended a duck with an injured leg.

22. Buddy is always there when you need your head scratched.

23. “My dog hated kids until he found out they came with goldfish.”

Have you ever witnessed the unexpected friendships animals share?

Preview photo credit WaltDog17 / Reddit


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This is just too cute! I love looking at these pictures! So great to see these animals making friends with other species. Meanwhile humans can't stop fighting other humans


Reminds me of the relationship my friends dog and rabbit had, the rabbit died sadly, but they would always run around his dining table in circles until they were tired.


I love that kid sleeping with the dog, or the kid sitting with the cat... so cute!


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