20 Creative People Who Had an Idea, Carried It Out, and the Result Speaks for Itself

3 years ago

Most of the objects on this list deserved to be photographed, not only because they are strange, but ultimately because they are proof of how creative human beings can be. However, that does not mean that they do not raise a lot of questions and a lot of interest, if for nothing else other than to just take a quick picture of them so that we can share these weird things with the rest of the world.

So Bright Side made a compilation of the weirdest objects out there that require a lot of creativity to be made, and mainly, a lot of courage to wear or use. Take a look and see if you agree!

1. This double sided car with top tires that spin too

2. This Van Gogh necklace (notice the ear on the right)

3. This relaxing staff room with a grass floor

4. These rainbow highlights

5. Not to mention this Minion-shaped oven

6. " I saw this and just had to share."

7. Best Christmas present ever, slippers shaped like your dogs

8. And how about this original wedding cake?

9. Or this strangely delightful coffee art

10. This book-dress

11. Or this reading chair that will kind of force you to read...

12. Or an unrecognizable Land Rover

13. Graffiti not made for the faint of heart

14. “Thought I’d challenge my skills in bread making. I present SpongeBob’s Pretty Patties!”

15. “Just went through my old shoe collection and realized I’ve always had an impeccable sense of style...”

16. This face mask

17. Just in case you were wondering who the owner of the luggage is

18. “Painting I found in a shop. Should have bought it.”

19. Sailor Moon?

20. Once you see this, you can’t unsee it...

Have you ever come across something that was difficult to explain or just out of the ordinary? What was it? If you have any pictures, please share them with us in the comments. We’re eager to discover all the other strange things out there!

Preview photo credit dreaming-md / Reddit, Gedj / Reddit


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I would love to have grass in my kitchen. And actually I would love to have a kitchen outside hahaahha


Some of them are SO awesome (like that girls colourful highligths... I mean.. TRUE TALENT!) but the last nail art... dear god..I love nail art but this is just kinda creepy :p


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