20+ Decent Things People Found Under a Thick Layer of Dirt

2 years ago

According to a survey, Brazilians buy and use the largest amount of cleaning products in Latin America and are fourth in the world after the US, China, and Japan. In particular, 8.6% of their total consumption consists of personal hygiene and cleaning products. The people in our article have cleaned things that others would have thrown away a long time ago with the help of just a little powder and a rag.

Bright Side is going to introduce you to people who’ve managed to deal with a terrible mess and a lot of dirt. Looking at the results of their work, we also feel the need to take a rag and go clean something. There is an interesting bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.

A good overnight soak in washing powder can do wonders to release years of dirt, grime, and yellowing.

“My wife’s boots have never been polished. This is only one coat of polish by the way.”

“This is what well water does to a tub over the course of a month. It required 4 hours of scrubbing.”

Professional restoration

“I’ve been suffering from depression for 2 years. But finally, I found the strength to clean my room.”

“Before and after cleaning my oven. It took some time, since the oven cleaner wouldn’t do a thing and I had to do it with just a metal sponge. Yeah, I can’t feel my arm anymore.”

“These tiles haven’t been cleaned for 2 years. I even forgot they were light.”

Impressive “before” and “after”

“Bought these 100±year-old candlesticks for $6 total! Definitely haven’t been cleaned in quite some time, but now they look brand new!”

“It took me a few hours, but it’s done. My kitchen is now usable again.”

“My favorite armchair has been saved.”

“I used a Magic Eraser to clean my school tables today. It worked great!”

“I bought a second-hand ‘Mustang,’ cleaned it, and now it looks like new.”

“I cleaned my baking dishes!”

“Before and after: I just power-washed it.”

“I found this frying pot in the trash. It required a pile of detergents, but I cleaned it.”

“I found this pendant while diving next to an island in Tripoli. Pictures are of before and after cleaning. Now I want to uncover its history!”

“My motorcycle wheel before and after cleaning”

“Maybe the best thing to do, to finish off 2019, is to clean out a friend’s freezer.”

“This is my daughter’s favorite hat, and it says ’spot clean only’ so I’ve always been too scared to wash it.”

“I’ve been putting this off even though it’s been on my to-do list for days, but it turns out it was nowhere near as hard as I expected! ”

We shouldn’t forget about the trash cans either.

“The toilet no one dared to use earlier!”

Now even the faucet is shining.

A nice polished kettle

Bonus: Cleaning can sometimes be fun.

Have you ever managed to clean something that was very, very dirty?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit FishFearMe1 / Reddit


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How did the person clean the baking dishes? I've NEVER been able to get leftover, over-cooked, perma-set drips and dots off the glass , left when anyone but me attempts to get them clean.


Many of the messes that are in article could be avoided altogether! Get into the habits of put away after use, throw away if no longer of use, and wipe after each use. While things will all need to be cleaned there is no reason anyone should have such filth in their life nor spend Hours cleaning.


I could agree on some part that people actually just lazy to do chores right after they use. It is a habits of mine after cook, I wash dishes right away and eat afterward. But it only works when I am living alone. If Mom they usually need to cooks lot of things at once. So it is understanding to delay bit of some thing.

Also not all because of bad habits. Like the person with depression. How can he clean when he cannot even have strength to be awake.

Also the vintage things like the kettle and plane. It is just old and rusty by time.

Even the dress and boots.

Also the chairs, desks, sofa, I don't think people clean up after them after each seat.

There are also a reason.


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