20 Dogs That Don’t Care About Being “Normal” While Sleeping

2 years ago

Do you toss and turn every night until you fall asleep? Do you wake up in the morning in a totally different bed? Do you wake up with a muscle spasm from sleeping in strange positions? Well, these things don’t just happen to humans. Sometimes dogs also find it hard to be “normal” when it comes to entering the world of dreams.

Bright Side loves both napping and animals. So we figured that it was a great idea to toss these 2 things together and make a compilation with some cute furry animals that didn’t care about following any rules when it came to sleeping.

1. “This is Otis. Otis sleeps in my shoes.”

2. “My brother’s doggo sleeping in a chair the right way.”

3. “He has like 50 beds but sleeps like this all the time.”

4. “The entire couch is open and she chooses to sleep like this.”

5. “The many sleeping positions of Jane the Dane”

6. “How else would you sleep?”

7. He didn’t even make it to his bed. He fell asleep while sitting up.

8. “Found her sleeping like this as I left for work.”

9. In another life thus pup would be a yoga teacher

10. “My dog sleeps best when he is tucked in at night.”

11. That tongue looks so cute!

12. “He was so fast asleep, he didn’t even respond to his 2 favorite words: ’walk’ and ’cookie.’”

13. “My patient at work fell asleep like this.”

14. “My good boy falling asleep after a long day of fun.”

15. “Somebody fell asleep in my arms.”

16. “Pet owner rule: If your pet is sleeping, don’t move...”

17. “My deep sleeping pupper. The cheerio has been there for 3 minutes now. How long will it last? Stay tuned... 🐶”

18. “I had a couch nap and woke up like this. I don’t even know how she snuck in.”

19. “Rottie likes to sleep like this.”

20. This could definitely be an ad to sell beds for sleepy dogs.

What things does your pet do while sleeping? And you, how do you behave during sleep?


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