20 Fresh Inventions That Can Change Your Life in a Flash

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With so many gadgets and tools coming out almost on the daily, it’s easy to get lost! All in all, they are meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, from “unbreakable” pantyhose and ingrown toenail fixers to a compact wardrobe in a suitcase. Exciting, isn’t it?

The Bright Side team loves new inventions and always keeps an eye out for them to keep you updated. Here is our list, let’s explore!

1. VaBroom, a smart broom with a built-in vacuum

Dustpan lines are the most frustrating thing when it comes to cleaning. How do you get rid of them? Well, your misery will finally come to an end with this new broom — just switch it on and it turns into a vacuum cleaner! Anything to help you clean up as much nasty dust as you can.

2. Makizume Robo, an ingrown toenail fixer

There are many reasons why toenails become ingrown like genetics, uncomfortable shoes, etc. But one thing stays clear: it’s very painful and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. This small and simple tool will help you to fix it. Just adjust it under the sides of your toenail evenly and hold it there for a couple of minutes.

3. Shoes with adjustable heel heights

Comfortable and stylish, these revolutionary shoes are made to make women genuinely happy. They allow women to choose the height of the heel from high to flat depending on the day. The heights of the heels were chosen according to the results of an online poll of over 10,000 females to find out what the most comfortable and practical heel heights for walking were.

4. A folding lightweight stroller

This world’s most compact stroller will save parents lots of time and space. In a second, the stroller becomes a feather-light handbag-shaped package (10.5 lb), perfect for going anywhere. It has the ability to switch from something you push to something you carry within seconds, which makes it perfect for carrying on trains, planes, or just while visiting your favorite restaurants.

5. The StairSteady, a handrail for support on the stairs

This device is a multi-functional handrail and a sliding supporting trail. It is moved easily by pushing and then locks in place. This is very useful for people of all ages and those who are recovering from strokes, head injuries and other medical conditions who have problems climbing up and down stairs.

6. A whisk wiper for cleaning your whisks fast and easy

Who likes cleaning whisks? You always have to wipe each loop and it feels like it takes forever. This compact and simple tool allows you to wipe them all at once! Just put it on your whisker before cooking and then use it when you’re done.

7. Sugru, moldable glue

Flexible, moldable, and Pay-Doh-like, this glue can be turned into anything. Just choose what you need to fix or what you want to create, shape it, and leave it for 24 hours. As a result, you will get strong and flexible silicone. It can also be used in wet bathrooms, showers or even outdoors in any weather conditions.

8. A tiny handbag light with an automatic motion sensor

A woman’s purse is a dark place where literally anything can get lost. The SOI handbag light was made to save you time searching for necessary things in your bag. It’s activated by motion, which means you just need to put it inside your purse and it will turn on automatically when you open it. The light remains on for 10 seconds and then turns off automatically.

9. H2O Ninja, a mask for breathing underwater

This mask was designed to make breathing underwater easy and natural and to explore the sea at its best. It allows users to breathe with both their nose and mouth underwater. You can enjoy a 180-degree view without fogging up or water leaking into your mask.

10. SKINZIT, an electric fish skinner

Removing skin and bones from your favorite fish can be tricky, exhausting and time-consuming, not to mention the mess and smell it leaves behind. This super-device helps fish lovers peel their favorite fish as fast as possible without losing chunks of meat in the process. It’s fully automatic, simple to operate, and very easy to clean.

11. “Unbreakable” pantyhose

Pantyhose are an indispensable thing in a women’s closet yet they’re very easy to rip. One uncareful movement can cause a nasty hole to appear. One woman was done dealing with this issue and decided to change it. She used a type of fiber typically used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment to create soft, comfortable pantyhose.

12. Contact lenses that adjust to light

When summertime comes, people with sensitive eyes can’t enjoy it to its fullest because the strong sunlight is blinding. These new vision-correcting lenses can change the world for the better: they have a filter that can sense the amount of light entering the eye and automatically darkens or lightens for comfortable wear.

13. The Rambler Socket, a multifunctional socket

This is a socket with an extension cord inside the wall, a two-in-one if you will. The idea is easy: you pinch the socket’s sides, pull, and use. When done, unplug it and let the recoil mechanism store the cable away.

14. Nanobébé, a baby bottle but better

Cylindrical baby bottles are classic, but heating milk in them quickly and evenly might create some problems for parents. This new bottle has more surface than a traditional bottle so that you can heat and cool milk twice as fast while making sure that all the critical nutrients are safe. The shape of the bottle reminds the baby of a breast which helps them drink with more comfort.

15. A suitcase you don’t need to unpack

One of the most essential parts of every trip is packing a bag. Sometimes you wish you could just bring your closet with you. Well, this dream has just come true! Inside this suitcase is a set of flexible shelves. They help to keep everything organized and compact during travel and can be taken out to hang when you reach your destination.

16. A pillow with a hole for your glasses

Ever lay down on a pillow on your side while wearing glasses? This might sound crazy because it seems impossible and even dangerous. This new pillow has a special slope created for glasses, great for watching TV and being a couch potato.

17. An earplug and charger iPhone adapter

Need to charge your phone but want to listen to music at the same time? Not a problem! With this adapter, the whole process becomes possible in no time. Just plug it in and enjoy.

18. An easy-to-load toilet paper holder

Why this wasn’t made a long time ago, we’ll never know. But we’re sure that this toilet paper holder will be useful for many people. Thanks to the spring present on both sides, you can load and unload toilet paper rolls with no need to remove the holder. Simply genius!

19. A spill-proof weighted coaster

This smart thing fits super snugly on the arm of your couches so you can always have your favorite drinks within reach without being scared of accidentally pushing them down.

20. A dresser that helps you keep your clothes in place

If your kid has problems getting their things organized, turn it into a game. The adorable and engaging design of this dresser will leave no one indifferent and will make tidying up fun for children.

Which invention would you want to get? What seemed less useful to you? Let’s discuss it all together in the comment section.

Preview photo credit VaBroom / facebook, youtube.com


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Wow, this underwater mask actually looks really cool. I think it will be a nice purcase for me, because I love swimming, but I hate those "masks" that are sold on the market now. They are totally uncomfortable..


I would buy Sugry. I love doing things with my hands, and this 'glue' will be a big help to fix and mold something


For a great lover of baking, #6 is a best present. Gonna send it to my guy, I finally know what I need for my b-day ?


Toenail fixing tool will be a great thing for me. I have this problem from time to time, and this is so painful to remove it. I always have to go to a doctor, so he can help me, but after some time they just grow back.


Panthyhose for me! I have spent sooo much money on them already, and they just keep breaking ?


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