20 Fresh Social Campaigns That Are a True Vaccine Against Indifference

4 years ago

In 1906, the first social campaign was released to protect Niagara Falls from energy companies. More than 100 years later, non-commercial advertising has become much more powerful and professional. But its essence stays the same — it attracts public attention to the problems of our world.

At Bright Side, we always keep an eye on the advertising industry, and we’ve put together the most prominent examples of social campaigns for you.

Beauty as it is: young mothers and their children without Photoshop!

How to win over depression? A search engine usually provides you with 11,600,000 results. But the best answers can come from a psychologist.

You don’t need to have a perfect body to become a brand ambassador for Nike.

In India, more than 30% of women are illiterate. Do we have to come so far to get equal rights?

Words matter. Bullying starts with them.

What kind of future will your child draw?

Every straw is like a one-way tunnel.

With respect to retired people, every wrinkle matters.

Don’t search. Look for a doctor.

Your almsgiving sustains his loneliness. We know you want to do good. But unfortunately, giving alms has a negative effect.

The great wall of garbage. We’ll only be remembered for what we leave behind.

Surreal is real in dementia.

Don’t choose only for yourself.

Find some time to distance education.

Time is running out. Save the forests.

Stop bullying.

Their destinies don’t need to be in your hands. Stop using drinking straws.

Don’t let it stop trending. Let’s raise awareness so more people can understand the importance of early detection in the fight against cancer.

Someone else doesn’t exist. Helping others is up to you.

Celebrate real beauty.

Which of these social campaigns impressed you the most?

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Honestly, I don't know why bullying on the Internet is such a big deal. Yes, bullying in public, schools, etc. is not good at all and should be prevented. But the Internet? You can just block rude users, no?
I'm afraid only social campaigns for the environment will not be enough. If governments of every country gather and start working together, setting laws and help to improve the situation, we can help it somehow.

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