20 Girls That Know How to Win in Any Situation

4 years ago

Many men are naive to believe that women’s advantages are kindness, wisdom, and sympathy. While women really do have these qualities, their true talents are hidden in their cunning, smart minds and their amazing sense of humor.

Bright Side has collected 20 pieces of evidence that support the fact that it’s really hard to shock a woman.

A simple way to make your ex jealous

When even malls take care of your reputation:

“This is how loyal I want my man to be.”

This is how you blow guys off.

Women can be quite independent in a romantic relationship.

“My wife will not let me enjoy this game in peace. She’s using my head as a mannequin.”

Don’t underestimate women.

“When the wrong number texts me”

“Not to brag, but this bird just proposed to me.”

This proves that true friendship with women exists!

Even the best spy in the world couldn’t get past her.

In this case, you can use your cat.

He should’ve been more clear about what he wanted.

“If my boyfriend breaks up with me just know it’s because he’s had enough.”

“My dad proposed to my mom yesterday. This is how she answers my video calls.”

“This is something I just can’t makeup.”

When your ex follows your page:

The struggle of being in college and wanting to have fun but also realizing that your paper is due by midnight

You can’t really save much money if you’re a woman.

“You took my heart, I’ll take your printer!”

Have you had any funny situations in your life when you managed to turn them to your advantage? Share your stories in the comment section below.

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I need to know where in this world are those bathrooms with straighteners? ?


HAHAHA I can't with these!! We're the best when it comes to know how to say and fix things ?


Loved the one where the girl knew exactly how to get that guy off of her lol


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