20+ Hilarious People That Will Curve Your Mouth Into an Ironic Smile

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Unexpected and unwanted events may occur anytime, ruining a perfectly fine day. Even though these mishaps are out of our control and we can’t change them, we can still control our attitude toward them and simply decide to move forward. And to help you with that, we handpicked a batch of incredibly funny people guaranteed to serve as instant mood boosters.

1. “My buddy and I really committed to the costume party.”

2. “Caught my partner and our little one unconsciously mimicking one another.”

3. “My wife loves movies but dislikes unnecessary scenes. This is a gift she got from some work friends.”

4. “My wife couldn’t open the bag, so this was her solution when she bought the potato.”

5. “The most picture perfect photo I’ve taken”

6. “Thanks...I ’think?’”

7. “How my daughter hooks her toes together to feel relaxed”

8. “Every year, I get dressed up for work on Christmas Eve. Year 8 coming at you!”

9. “Made a Miyazaki soot ball from my wife’s hair that falls all over the place.”

10. “What on earth is this?!”

11. “I had never made a gingerbread house from scratch before. I went for a mid-century modern look.”

12. “Thanks, I never would have been able to figure it out without your sign.”

13. “My mother washes her dishes by hand because the dishwasher is used for other things.”

14. “My son put some googly eyes on to look like a Pixar character.”

15. No DNA test needed.

16. “My shirt is scared of being upside down.”

17. “My Mom knitted this hat for me for Christmas and was worried it would be too small.”

18. “My parents found out that my girlfriend likes puzzles. They thought they were being funny. 48 hours later...”

19. “’Shirtception’ — this is my favorite gift every year from my brother. We’re now at level 9.”

20. “This picture my wife captured at the perfect moment of our cats”

21. “The restrooms at my local pizzeria.”

22. "I never thought I would need armpit hair again after getting laser... I was wrong. Introducing ’armpit wig’!

Did any of the guys above remind you of a funny situation you once witnessed? We’d be happy to read about it in the comment section below.

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#1 on the left is so the dad from "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs"....


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