15 Insane Photos That Perfectly Embody the Friday Spirit

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For most of us Fridays can be compared to finally finding land after an eternity at sea. We start our long journey on Monday and once we finally reach the end of the work week we feel absolutely mentally and physically exhausted. We do, however, still have enough energy to find creative ways to slack off and rest!

1. How to effectively trick your boss and make them think you’re working:

2. When you’ve finally arrived home after an exhausting week, but you still have to do chores:

3. After a long, rough day of playing, little duckling needs its rest just like us!

4. To be fair, holding the phone can be tiring sometimes.

5. When you and your co-workers talk about having a wild Friday night, but by the end of the shift you’re all in the office like:

6. If one picture could describe the Friday laziness of a college student, then it’s this one.

7. Truckers don’t have it easy either.

8. When the customer is upset and you know it’s going to be a while:

9. When you get home from work and can’t even make it to the bed:

10. A whole week of working can do things to your mind.

11. “’Let’s go to a concert after work,’ they said. ’It will be fun,’ they said...”

12. Any place is good enough for a nap if you’re tired enough.

13. Let’s face it, surgeons probably have it the worst.

14. Sometimes we don’t even have enough strength to eat after a long day.

15. How we really want to be at the end of our work week:

Fridays are great, but sometimes the exhaustion just catches up with us. Have you ever needed a rest at work? Have you ever taken one? If yes, please let us, and everybody else, know if you have any secret places that you rest or nap at your work place!

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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#4 is an extra cool thing. We need these handing under every table, not only in the offices


I think that box from #11 might be even more comfortable than the chair itself :D


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