20 People Who Acted Like Real Heroes, and the World Should Know About Them

3 years ago

We all possess inner power and with the help of this power, people overcome incurable diseases, perform feats, and push the limits of the human body. For some people, life is an unstoppable fight against pain, weakness, and fears, but their will and dedication help them survive and achieve their goals.

Bright Side has found some amazing people who deserve respect and admiration.

An Indian man cleaned a 100-mile-long polluted river.

This Indian river used to be dirty and resembled a swamp full of trash before a man called Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal (also known as Eco Baba) decided to clean it. With the help of 200 people, he literally brought the river back to life and restored its banks. This inspired 50 more Indian villages to save their ecosystems. Such cases make us believe that the fight for the environment isn’t hopeless.

“This is my cousin Gareth. He lost his leg to cancer and now has 15 lung tumors. Last week, he completed the London Marathon.”

A photographer stopped taking photos to rescue a child.

Nicholas Lavery returned after he’d lost his leg.

“Due to my New Year’s Resolution, I’ve lost 100 lb in 6 months!”

“My dad lost his leg but not his sense of humor.”

One year after a hip surgery, a girl won the Disney marathon to collect money for another girl who suffers from cerebral palsy.

92-year-old gymnast Johanna Quaas

Nik Wallenda walking a rope over a stadium

Julie Payette graduated from 3 colleges and 2 universities, is an IBM engineer, a NASA astronaut, speaks 6 languages, and Queen Elizabeth II appointed her Governor General of Canada.

Rock climber Adam Ondra resting before climbing

A rescuer’s eyes after a working day

A man walking through chest-deep water in jungle swamps hoping to find the Anaconda, the largest snake in the world.

138 lb lost in 8 months

A woman hitting a neo-Nazi with her bag

Snake charmer with his son

Routine stretching time for gymnasts

A woman riding between carriages on her way to see her family

The face of a hockey goalie

Mariusz Kedzierski was born without hands but he managed to become an artist and now he draws realistic portraits for people.

We hope that your path to success and happiness isn’t that complicated. Don’t give up and, one day, we may write an inspiring article about you!


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Ok, I'm not saying she didn't lose 138 pounds in 8 months but I have a hard time believing it. Where did her extra skin go???


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