20 People Who Bought Home Appliances a Long Time Ago and Are Still Enjoying Them Today

3 years ago

You’ve probably heard people say that things used to be done better back in the day, especially as it pertains to technical appliances. It’s hard to argue with this statement because refrigerators, phones, and washing machines used to last for decades in the past, while most of the modern analogs tend to break down after a short period of time.

We at Bright Side decided to not indulge in the reasoning behind why things are like this and not the other way around, but we gladly looked through the photos of 20 people who showed their appliances that have been serving them for several decades. They are true lucky ones, indeed.

“My grandfather’s gas stove. It was purchased in 1958, has been used every day, and is still in pristine condition.”

“Handset in my friend’s new apartment. Used to speak with people ringing the doorbell. Still works!”

“My grandmother’s General Electric hand mixer, maple rolling pin, and tin sifter, circa 1920. I still use all 3 to this day.”

“My grandparents still, to this day, use a 1984 model microwave.”

“My great grandmother’s typewriter from the ’50s still operates perfectly.”

“Waffle iron bought used at a garage sale in 1958 for 25 cents. We still use it today.”

“This deep freezer that my grandparents bought 54 years ago is still working today, with no problems and nothing done to it.”

“My 1950’s fridge still works.”

“This electric car, built in 1974, is still on the go.”

“My grandma still has a working Nintendo, along with a few games.”

“My coffee maker is so old that it was made in West Germany.”

“Grandpa still uses a decades-old computer that runs DOS. And he prints and stores things on floppies.”

“The house my grandmother recently moved into had this old phone still installed and it still works.”

“Found this old dictionary my dad used to use, and it still operates!”

“This washing machine is 40+ years old and still working. It was produced by the Ford company.”

“My great-grandparents’ 1923 phonograph still works, though it hadn’t been tried since WWII.”

“My early Sony Trinitron Portable Colour TV, from approx. 1969/1970, is still working absolutely fine today.”

“My grandpa’s Atari computer: It even has an original game cartridge and still works perfectly.”

“My mom still has a working mixer from the ‘80s that lists the speed to use for specific foods.”

“My cousin still uses a double oven from the 1970s.”

Do you have any of these “long-livers” in your home? Please show them to us in the comments!

Preview photo credit seaweed_is_cool / Reddit


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I wonder if that car has the same battery as it once had, probably not!


i was later on when they knew that long lasting products don't make much money. renewing the appliance every 4-5 years and paying for maintenance is more profitable for them


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