20+ People Who Had Only One Job and Still Managed to Ruin It

3 years ago

Sometimes the simplest and easiest jobs aren’t done as well as we’d like. And it’s no surprise that some people who have just one responsibility simply aren’t up to the task. So they decide to finish their job, leaving behind an end result that’s nothing short of chaotic.

Bright Side will show you how some people ended up creating a mess instead of doing a good job.

1. Seems like it was too late to fix it.

2. “It’s not my job to change the toilet paper!”

3. “Great job.”

4. “They forgot to paint Spider-Man’s back.”

5. Relax in the bathroom by solving a puzzle...

6. “Whoever renovated our home last — you stink!”

7. They look a bit like avocados...but not that much.

8. Really? It’s hard to believe you didn’t see this coming.

9. “Fixed the mailbox, sir.”

10. “A+ for being ingenious!”

11. “Almost perfect, boss...”

12. “Planted that tree...”

13. “The drain in my AirBnB”

14. “The plumber fitted a new kitchen tap today...”

15. “My mom found a whole potato in the bag of french fries tonight.”

16. “Ah yes, I do want to travel on an incline northwest.”

17. “I hate that I have to see this every morning at work.”

18. “A new staircase at my school”

19. “They put the bun on upside down.”

20. “I was not impressed with this public bathroom lock.”

21. “If you can’t jump, you don’t deserve crossing.”

22. “A train car in Minnesota carrying corn had a leak.”

Have you ever witnessed a bad design job in your home? What was the problem, and how did you solve it?

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I'm so confused at number 8... what was the point here? is the door too short?


my eye brows were raising higher and higher the more I scrolled in this article


That whole potato in the chips bag is so funny to me... the guy just went "ah w/e let's just put it like this"


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