15 People Who Seriously Need to Stay Away From Technology

3 years ago

Technology is challenging in a number of ways and for people of all ages. Even for those who think they’ve mastered it, things can get out of hand in a matter of seconds, from being unable to turn off a weird camera filter on your phone to accidentally burning holes in your computer screen while putting on makeup.

Bright Side will now show you some examples of the daily struggles of dealing with technology.

1. “My dad asked me why the top left part of his screen was blurred. Well, he melted it.”

2. “I couldn’t find my phone but it was connected to the Bluetooth so I figured it was somewhere in...or out of the car.”

3. “My sister was putting on her makeup in front of a window and the mirror she was using burned a hole in her screen.”

4. “My dad accidentally turned off the keyboard backlighting and couldn’t see the keys.”

5. “I don’t think I had to wash that.”

6. “Asked my dad why he was reading through the camera app. He said he wanted to see what it’d be like if he had a Kindle.”

7. “I was wondering why one of my earbuds wasn’t fitting in the charging case.”

8. “This app takes a photo when you get the password wrong. I was trying to catch my daughter but so far, I only caught myself in the morning.”

9. “My dad’s way of transferring pictures”

10. “My tech-savvy aunt said she liked it this way because it’s convenient.”


12. “My wife washed my USB drive because apparently, it was sticky.”

13. “My dad didn’t realize you could screen-record videos.”

14. “So, today my grandma showed me some of her favorite websites.”

15. “My dad doesn’t know how to turn off the front camera heart feature, and he tried to send me a pic of his new stove.”

When was the last time you had a rough go with technology? Your stories and photos have a reserved place in our comment section. Come by!

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I hope that guy taught her grandma to bookmark the websites on the computer after that :(


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