20 People Who Showed the Beauty of Being Romantic

3 years ago

Whether it’s hiding lovely little notes in your wallet or building a cozy blanket fort for you to relax in after a long, tiring day, these small acts of love are the best romantic gestures. Some say that romance is dead, but we found photos that prove otherwise.

Bright Side believes that romance is alive, and we’d like to present some photos showing simple acts of love around us that will make your heart flutter.

1. “Recently, every morning, my father will place bird food in the yard for my mother to wake up to this view.”

2. “Sometimes love is joining you at the office to keep you company, even if all you do when you get there is pass out.”

3. “Made a giant operation board with tons of gifts for my girlfriend to pick out. The last gift was a key to my house, asking her to move in with me.”

4. “My dad — the epitome of ’romantic’ in any situation”

5. “My dad didn’t graduate high school. Today I taught him how to use a protractor and basic geometry so he could rebuild my mom’s flowerbed.”

6. “Had a rubbish day. Cried a bit, went to take a bath, and came out to see that my husband made me a den. Marriage is the best.”

7. “My husband tends to the tomato plants every day — he doesn’t eat or even like tomatoes — but he wants to make sure they grow so I can eat them.”

8. “My wife is having a really rough week. She has been trying to win this Charmander from a claw machine for weeks. Today I conquered the claw for her.”

9. Here’s a creative man who covered his car with flowers for his wife.

10. This couple proved that romance is still alive.

11. “My dad slips a love note into my mom’s wallet every morning.”

12. “My wife and I drew each other on a restaurant napkin during our anniversary dinner last spring. I framed it and gave it back to her on her birthday.”

13. “We spent our first anniversary splitting fries and a shake. My husband surprised me by taking me back to the spot to do it again.”

14. “15 years ago, my mom lost the diamond to her wedding ring. For most of her marriage, she didn’t wear a ring. Today, my dad surprised her.”

15. “This is my 2-year wedding anniversary present from my husband. He kept little bits and pieces from our trip to Paris and mapped them out in this frame.”

16. “This is one of the best moments/texts of my life. My (now) husband and I fell in love over text and this is the exchange that convinced me he was the one.”

17. “My husband made me a ’paper clock’ for our 1-year anniversary with every hour representing one month of marriage.”

18. “Hubs had a hard day with clients so I reminded him of who he is to me.”

19. “I’m really into manga and anime. My wife got me this for my thirtieth birthday. That’s me and her as a cartoon. I was asking her to marry me again. 😉”

20. “My husband just got back from a business trip so I made him chicken pot pie.”

When was the last time you did a romantic gesture for your significant other? Tell us every detail in the comments below!

Preview photo credit ThatDIYCouple / reddit


5 is the best way of learning if you ask me, I wish they thought us by these kind of examples instead of "you have x apples and give y away"

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