20+ People Who Were Tired of Carrying Extra Pounds and Now It’s Hard to Recognize Them

3 years ago

If you haven't managed to lose weight before summer, don't worry. Your fight with extra weight should not be rushed. We have chosen inspiring examples for you — stories of people who've had enough energy to change their lifestyle. Pay attention to how their faces changed: now it's almost impossible to recognize them.

Bright Side has compiled a list of pictures of strong men and women who lost that extra weight. Some of them did it fast, others needed years. But however they did it, there is something we can all learn from them.

"I promised myself if I lost weight I’d get a nice suit. 65 lbs later, I’m suited up just in time for my brother’s wedding."

"I just started eating less than 25 grams a day."

F/29/5'3" [218 lbs - 116 lbs = 102 lbs] (11 months) "I’ve now maintained this for a year and I can’t believe I ever looked that way."

"I now maintain eating between 1,750-2,000 calories a day depending on my daily activity. I went from a U.K. size 22 to a size 6.

What I lost in boobs, I gained in confidence."

F/30/5'8" [360 lbs - 138 lbs = 222 lbs] (2.5 years)

"Using a mobile app, I controlled and tracked everything I ate during the day. The people who hadn't seen me for several years couldn't believe it was me."

M/26/5'11" [280 lbs - 180 lbs = 100 lbs] (12 months) "Still working on myself."

"I stopped driving and started riding a bicycle 10 km a day."

F/25/5'3" [159 lbs - 116 lbs = 43 lbs] Made nutrition and exercise a lifestyle — finally comfortable in a bathing suit!

"Exercising 3 times a week, swimming, running 5 kilometers, and climbing. I eat 1,400–1,700 calories a day depending on what I do."

M/28/5'11" [267 lbs - 191 lbs = 76 lbs] (17 months)

"One of the best pieces of advice I got early on was 'Get comfortable with being uncomfortable' I know it doesn't sound wonderful, but it really helped prepare me mentally for making a change. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Small lifestyle changes will pay off big in the end. I quit soda months before I ever picked up a weight and felt a noticeable improvement in just a couple weeks."

F/23/5'5" [260 lbs -160 lbs =100 lbs] face before and after

"I did Keto for a bit!"

F/22/5'8" [235 lbs - 192 lbs = 43 lbs] "Today I reached the halfway mark on my weight loss journey, so I’m celebrating with a progress pic!"

"I don’t even know the girl on the left anymore."

M/35/6'0" [360 lbs - 190 lbs = 170 lbs](18 months) "Sobriety, diet, and exercise have paid off."

"People often ask what made me change. It was realizing that I had to decide if I was comfortable with the fact that I was going to die young and probably soon."

F/27/5'4" [260 lbs - 130 lbs = 130 lbs] (2 years) from obesity to bodybuilding

"I cut out a lot of carbs, did IF, HIIT, and after I lost weight I started weight training."

F/24/5'6" [355 lbs - 210 lbs = 145 lbs] "I didn’t realize even my nose lost weight!"

"I don't eat many carbs."

M/27/6'2" [379 lbs - 211 lbs =168 lbs] "Started this “journey” 15-16 months ago and laughed just thinking about running."

"Yesterday I ran my first half marathon (13 mi/21 km) in 2.04 h."

M/20/6'4" [298lbs - 175 lbs = 123 lbs] "Here’s the update I promised from last time I posted. Have been working out for the past 6 months, finally adding on some muscle!"

"I have limited my food intake (I started eating one sandwich instead of 3)."

F/30/5'7" [289 lbs -168 lbs = 121 lbs] (9.5 months). "Still have 18-23lbs to lose and a lot of muscle to gain."

"I alternate spinning classes and running currently. Yoga every day. I was lifting 3 times a week as well when I wasn't running but plan to work that back in soon."

M/26/6" [220 lbs - 175 lbs = 45 lbs] (about 3 years)

"My mom says I am too skinny now."

F/21/5'4" [150 lbs - 115 lbs = 35 lbs] (3.5 Years)

"I’m a vegetarian and I track everything I eat using MFP to make sure I get enough protein. I also do IF so I don't usually eat my first meal before noon. I also have a personal trainer that I see once a week, but that’s only been recently!"

F/24/6'0" [260 lbs - 185 lbs = 75 lbs] 5 years

"5 years of weight yo-yoing, CICO, and cardio, then finding my stride 2 years ago with Keto and losing the majority of the weight."

F/28/5'6" [255 lbs - 182 lbs = 73 lbs] ~1.3 yrs apart. "Still got about 30-40 lbs left to lose."

"Counting calories, being somewhat strict about the quality and quantity of what I put in my mouth, and very regular physical activity. So basically diet and exercise."

M/47/5'7" [240 lbs - 188 lbs = 52 lbs] (8 months) "First "shirt off summer" in decades!!!"

"Went to local university for a BodPod scan to find accurate-ish TDEE (total daily energy expenditure). Used MyFitnessPal to log food and create a 500 calorie daily deficit by eating 2,000 calories per day. Joined a CrossFit cult... er, I mean gym."

F/23/5'4" [235 lbs - 145 lbs = 90 lbs] (One year)

"Pictures like this remind me to keep going strong! Before and after pictures help keep me on track!"

M/22/5'11" [305 lbs - 180 lbs = 125 lbs](5 years) "Decided to turn my stress into motivation."

"I normally eat about 1 lb of ground turkey or chicken a day along with lots of fruit & veggies, but I recently started going vegan/plant based so I’ve been trying to find what meal preps I enjoy the most (the meat substitutes are high protein but have quite a lot of sodium/etc)."

M/22/6' [282 lbs - 185 lbs = 97 lbs] (12 months)

"I combined that with hitting the gym 4 to 5 times a week. Limited my calories to 1,200, ate a lot of protein, and cut out all soda, chips, candy, and all that good stuff."

Whose story amazed you the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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