20 People Whose Luck Has Just Returned From Vacation With New Vigor

2 years ago

The largest US lottery jackpot was $1,586 billion, and it happened in 2016. We can only imagine how thrilled the winner was and how long their shopping list was after claiming the price. The heroes of today’s article have also won big and small prizes in their life, and they’re all so valuable to them, although they aren’t always measured in money.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected 20 photos that prove every day can be filled with big and small surprises from the universe. And very often, these gifts come so unexpectedly that people feel a whole range of emotions. We’d love for you to take a bite off this lucky pie together.

1. “Found this 750 (18k gold) ring for $20. I’m not sure what the stone is, but I might swing by a jeweler later.”

2. “I had to do it, made my own lottery and I won BIG!”

3. “Finally finished the thrift flip I’ve been working on for about a month!”

4. “I collect old purses from thrift stores. I pulled this out of a hard-to-see zip pocket in the side.”

5. “Amazing thrift store find: pup edition”

6. “I lost the love of my life and I only get to see our son once a week. Today he hugged my legs and said ’love dadda.’”

7. “Found this pink grasshopper today.”

8. “My daughter’s prom date doesn’t know how to tie a tie. Luckily, my 8-year-old daughter does.”

9. “Kittens have started to run all over the place. We’re so lucky to have a stern but fair cat sitter.”

10. “My corgi bringing joy to an elderly man whom she met this morning.”

11. “Fairy tales do come true; I met this man on a platform for chatting with random people.”

12. “I was walking through the park and suddenly saw this combo.”

13. “Was mowing the lawn and suddenly found this. No bunnies were hurt.”

14. “I was picking apples in the orchard when suddenly...”

15. “My roommate and I were walking through Target when this happened.”

16. “I thrifted this really pretty Victorian mourning brooch for $35.00.”

17. “We accidentally bought portal rings. We just got our favorite colors.”

18. “My boyfriend proposed last night! He put the ring on Orly’s Kiss the Bride. How could I say no?”

19. “My grandpa lost his finger 50 years ago. A few years ago, my uncle found the ring with a metal detector.”

20. “Almost lost this little one when she was just a week old. Now look at her.”

What’s the luckiest thing that happened to you recently? How did you feel when you received that gift from the universe?

Preview photo credit A**ile** / Imgur


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