15 People Who Can’t Help but Smile While Looking at Their Old Photos

2 years ago

A photograph is worth a thousand words because it enables us to capture moments that will be cherished in the future. When we look at a picture, it immediately awakens a range of emotions in us: nostalgia, happiness, and melancholy, and instantly, we feel like re-experiencing those special days of our lives.

We at Bright Side wanted to travel back in time with the people featured here, who shared photographs from their past that will make even the most cynical person smile.

1. “My great-grandmother & her mother cooking in our kitchen (1980, the ‘mess’ kitchen now)”

2. “A happy photo of my parents in 1979! They got engaged later that day.”

3. “Me and my best friend Rocky watching TV, 1959”

4. “Me and my family doing what you did in the ’70s (1977)”

5. “My nickname was Cabbage Patch Kid for a super long time.”

6. “I lost my mom a year ago today. Enjoy this picture of me trying to eat her face.”

7. “My uncle made me blades before I could walk [1994].”

8. “Recently found evidence that made me realize I peaked at the age of 4. Living my best life in 1993.”

9. “Grandpa thinks he’s being funny. Circa 1960”

10. “My dad and friends look like the cast of Stranger Things. (1982)”

11. “Me, my grandpa, and the dog settling in for a nap (California, 1974)”

12. “My grandma holding my mom, her first child of 7! Taken in 1958.”

13. “My boyfriend ruining the first of many hundreds of group photos in his lifetime (1990)”

14. “My mom dyeing my grandma’s hair in ’86 in California”

15. “Me in the mid-’80s.”

Do you ever go through old images and try to remember how you felt at the time? When you look at your photos, which ones make you the happiest?

Preview photo credit Pipsdidit / imgur


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