20+ People Whose Family Jewels Are More Than Meets the Eye

Family jewels are valuable for any family who has them. They can say more about the history of a family than photos. This way, they become not just jewelry, but people’s heritage that is diligently passed down from generation to generation.

“Dug out my great-grandma’s Max Factor perfume pendant!”

“It’s a solid perfume in there! Doesn’t smell too bad all these years later.” © ulalumelenore / Reddit

“My grandma has a ring that is her most prized possession.”

“She’s always said that one day she would pass it down to me. Now I am the first person in our family to get a master’s degree, and as I lined up for graduation, she handed me my own ring identical to hers and told me she was proud of me.” © k***aqueenmac / Reddit

“My grandmother and I both have August birthdays. She gave this ring to me this year.”

“My grandfather gave it to her on her fortieth birthday in 1975. So much sparkle!”

“I found this ring in an old box my late grandpa had, I know it’s silver, and it’s engraved with words and letters inside and outside.”

“Our family ring”

“Grandma couldn’t remember if it was her own grandma’s or great aunt’s, or was it her husband’s sister’s? But I love it anyway!”

“This gold Bisney ring my grandma gave me when I was 5”

“Some rings from my grandma”

“My grandfather made this ring for his mother.”

“A few of my late mom’s silver pieces”

“Antique gold earrings, our family heirloom”

“I received these from my grandmother nearly 10 years ago. They didn’t have the pearls on them when I got them. I added that for my wedding.”

“We found this in Grandma’s boxes.”

“This ring was found in my great-grandmother’s jewelry box.”

“Unfortunately, no one knows much about it except that it is platinum with sapphires and was recently restored on the bottom due to cracks, and a center stone was replaced.”

“I got this ring from my Armenian great-grandfather, circa the early 1900s.”

“My great-grandmother left me this ring.”

“My great-grandma’s earrings — I wonder how old they are and where they’re from.”

“My great-grandpa got this ring from Italy for my mom. My mom passed it on to me when I was younger.”

“As I got older, I grew out of it and recently got it resized and it now fits perfectly.”

“My great-great-grandmother’s amethyst ring, recently re-tipped and cleaned.”

“I started my daughter’s jewelry box today.”

“There are a lot of my grandmother’s pieces. I should have gotten a bigger box. The lady in the picture is my great-great-grandmother.”

“My grandmother’s engagement ring”

“An 18k gold snake ring I inherited from my grandma”

“It was made in Italy in the 1960s. I wear it almost every day!”

“I inherited this diamond and tanzanite ring from my grandma.”

“It was beautiful before, but too ’flashy’ for my personal taste.”

“My fiancé redesigned my grandmother’s wedding ring. It’s always been my favorite ring and now I get to wear it forever.”

Please note: This article was updated in November 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit ulalumelenore / Reddit


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