20+ Pets Who Can Pose Better Than Supermodels

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We are not the only ones who love loud outfits, glamorous accessories, jewelry, and lots of attention. Our charismatic pets, with their never-ending cuteness, can outshine any of the top models in the world, even when wearing casual clothes. And that’s just one more reason to assume it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

We at Bright Side have found some of these marvelous furry stars and would like to share their shiny looks with you today. Check them all out and don’t forget to choose the one you like best.

1. ’’I caught him mid-scratch, looks like he’s posing.’’

2. ’’We, too, have a cat that that strikes a pose while she waits for us.’’

3. ’’He loves his hoodie when it starts to get chilly.’’

4. ’’Dexter taking a merry stroll outside!’’

5. Pure charisma

6. The queen of dragons is on her runway.

7. Catty de Vil

8. A new autumn outfit on the go

9. This little princess also wants to look fabulous.

10. “She was clearly meant to be a mermaid.”

11. Bring more colors to your style.

12. Dogs love being casual too.

13. My sister spends a lot of money on outfits for her dog. This is part of the “fall collection.”

14. Hola to this beauty!

15. “These best friends live across the country now, but they still send each other outfits to share!”

16. Little black dress

17. Like a boss!

18. “Hey, wazzup guys?!”

19. This little witch is on her broom, ready to melt your hearts.

20. Bees are always the bezzzt.

21. ’’Draw me like one of your French girls.’’

How do you like our multi-season collection? Which of the outfits do you think is the best? Please share your opinion in the comments below.

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit meenateena / reddit


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