15 Photos That Show Pure Love in All Its Glory

2 years ago

Love comes in many shapes — it can be in the form of a rebel dad who never wanted a pet and now is inseparable with one; a couple who celebrates a lifetime of happiness and true love; or dads rooting for their little ones to overcome any obstacle that life puts in their way, be it jumping over stumps or becoming a true warrior at an early age.

Bright Side celebrates all expressions of love and wants to show you some of the most endearing pics shared by inspiring people.

1. “As a kid, my dad told me to never bring home a cat. This is him now.”

2. “Having a baby brother is the best thing that’s ever happened to her.”

3. “Our dog went missing for 4 days. This is the moment we found her.”

4. “This little firecracker is my whole world.”

5. “My grandparents’ fifty-third anniversary is today.”

6. “Still not 100% sure what I’m doing, but these past 4 months have been the best time of my life.”

7. “Our 9-year-old boy with our 6-year-old granddaughter — feeling blessed!”

8. “These 2 are each other’s favorite people already.”

9. “My husband rooting for our daughter as she jumps stumps is the energy I need this week.”

10. “Donut smiles while being hugged by Dad.”

11. “20 years later and we just got engaged!!!”

12. “My husband with our 1-week-old daughter — it made my eyes water.”

13. “Please don’t ever leave the house.”

14. “If someone ever asks me what it was like to work from home in 2020, I’ll show them this picture.”

15. “My little girl was born at 27-weeks-old and is doing great, just little and early.”

Have you ever captured a moment of pure love with your loved ones? Share your stories and pictures with the Bright Side community!

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Preview photo credit POPN_S*** / reddit


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