20 Times the Universe Asked Us to Take a Day Off

2 years ago

Life is full of surprises, so be prepared to be taken aback. However, these shocks are not always as lovely as we might like. We’re sure you’ve been in a scenario when you weren’t sure whether to laugh or cry, clap your hands or roll your eyes.

Bright Side hopes you don’t let any of life’s problems ruin your day. Have a nice chuckle with these 20 photographs from folks who had an experience worth sharing.

1. “Me: using shampoo, conditioner, hair treatments
The cat: cleans itself with just its tongue”

2. “Guess it’s toast for breakfast today.”

3. “Learn from my mistakes.”

4. “My dad left his window down in his truck while he stepped away for a few minutes, and a feral cat got in and ate all of his tacos.”

5. “4 days after moving to Chicago”

6. “It’s always a pleasure to realize that your coworkers don’t know how to close a box properly. Right when you’re ready to go home.”

7. “He picked a bad day to block the fire hydrant.”

8. “Just got stung by a wasp, and I have a job interview later today. Can’t even talk right.”

9. “A few minutes before leaving to go to work, I heard gunshots outside. I went out to my car and saw this. Glad I wasn’t in the car.”

10. “DoorDashed food, and in the 5 minutes it took me to get to the door, the neighbor’s cat ate through the box and stole some chicken.”

11. “So I had a sneezing fit while driving yesterday, and this happened.”

12. “Are you kidding me?”

13. “Owner used the wrong shampoo (hair dye).”

14. “So finally, after a year, I was able to get a PS5. My dog was excited too.”

15. “I gave a homeless man a freshly baked, warm bagel yesterday. He was kind, and I felt great driving away. The same intersection today.”

16. “I woke yesterday night to a huge crash and saw my only car damaged by a POS driver at 1 a.m., they fled the scene.”

17. “My dad’s phone. Left it to charge overnight, woke up, and saw this.”

18. “Someone drilled a hole in my gas tank. They got away with roughly $12 worth of fuel.”

19. “Dropped and broke my favorite plate I’ve used for 32 years. You served me well, Bros.”

20. “Your car just said, NOT TODAY.”

What circumstances often cause you to have a tough day? What do you generally do when something strange occurs in your life?

Preview photo credit rabbit_russia / Reddit


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