20+ Pets Who Grew From Sweet Nuggets Into Handsome Heartbreakers

3 years ago

Every time we see a small puppy or kitten, we find them cute and adorable. After a little while, these fluffs of happiness grow up and turn into real handsome heartbreakers who we want to constantly be taking pictures of.

We at Bright Side got awe-struck as we were compiling the pics of pets who turned from small fluffs into adult sweethearts.

1. “My cat before and after. He is 3 months old in the left pic and 2 years old in the right pic.”

2. Those spots became ever more vivid.

3. “Meet, Cupcake!”

4. “This clumsy crossed-pawed kitten grew into a gracious beauty.”

5. “This small vulnerable ball of fur grew into a big feet hunter.”

6. “They grow up so damn fast! He’s the goodest of goodest boys.”

7. “That timid and tender sweetheart grew into the grumpy head of our apartment.”

8. “Everyone says it’s not a cat.”

9. “Here is our alien.”

10. “We adopted a 2-moths old AmStaff puppy. He is 2 years old now. He is indifferent to street cats, has a brutal look, but is a kind puppy at heart.”

11. “We took this red sweetheart for a while until we found a new owner for him. He is still living with us.”

“I had the opportunity to take a series of photos about his transformation from a small lump that fits in the palm of my hand into a huge 10-pound cat.”

12. “The evolution of my dog. He is 1 month old on the left and 2 years old on the right.”

13. “I want to show you the sweetheart I found on the road in a small city, brought her home, and she grew into a big fluffy lady.”

14. “This is our elder dog, Toby. We adopted him in 2015 from an animal shelter at the age of 2.5 months old.”

15. “The kitty is 1 year and 3 months old now.”

16. “The mysterious story of the shrinking hand”

17. “Before and after. My Corgi I found in an ad who was “in search of a loving family.”

18. “One year difference. The corner of the couch is the same — it’s just the kitty has grown up.”

19. “We adopted Nova 12 weeks ago today and I wanted to share with you all how much he has changed since he arrived!”

20. “Central Asian shepherd dog named Zena”

21. “I also want to share a photo of my friend.”

22. “They grow up so fast.”

Do you have a pet who has grown and changed beyond recognition?

Preview photo credit StigMaks / pukabu


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Do we know why the store is abandoned? I'm sure the owners could make good cash from selling it after the movie was shot?


Wanted to see what 11 actually looked like :( does anyone know the name of the place?


So cute! I wish I had a before/after pic of my animals too!


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