20 Pets Who Have Zero Tolerance for Their Owners’ Personal Boundaries

3 years ago

As pet owners, we’re always expecting our pets to put their noses in our personal businesses, sit inside of our boots, ruin clean laundry, or mess up our coffee. Life with a pet is definitely a happier one, but there are a few funny challenges that we’re forced to face every day.

To show you what other pet owners around the world are experiencing, Bright Side is bringing you a list of 20 times pets had no sense of their owners’ personal boundaries.

1. “I found my kitten chilling in my boots.”

2. “Every time I want to play video games...”

3. “Chaos doesn’t understand personal space.”

4. “You can’t play Animal Crossing! I’m the only animal you need!”

5. “Just a couple of cats ruining our clean laundry”

6. “My goose refuses to walk with the flock and is obsessed with biting people’s shoes.”

7. “He stole this zucchini muffin from me.”

8. “Didn’t lock the door and ended up with company in the bathtub.”

9. “Now it’s our cone of shame.”

10. “The others are in line waiting their turn.”

11. “Lorek gets in my pants by using a different route.”

12. “Pepper obviously has a sense of entitlement.”

13. “My dog has an abundance of chew toys, and yet, she uses me.”

14. “I think you’re done with work now.”

15. “I have a torn rotator cuff and he knows I cant push him off!”

16. “Working from home is really tough. The boss is such a micro-manager!”

17. “Yeah, this will do just fine. I’ll sit right here.”

18. “I was trying to make the bed and she thinks she’s helping.”

19. And...the coffee is ruined.

20. “Found him laying in the bowl of grapes. He smushed them all. He’s proud of himself.”

Does your pet respect your personal space? Or is everything in your house theirs as well?

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We are the opposite dog parents. We say, “Chew on me not the blanket/pillow.” We’ll need to train her the opposite when we have human children. We we even changed the Futurama quote, “If it’s alive, don’t lick it” to “If it’s not alive don’t lick it.” Our nervous licker is precious and licks most things. She is constantly also reminding us she’s tough but sweet. (She chews on my husband’s hand, licks my hand, then chews on his hand again.)


My dog does the same when I am sitting in the couch and have the laptop on my lap, and he will just demand attention with his paw


I'm surprised that the cat didn't jump out of the bed instantly! That's what mine would do anyway?


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