20 Photos of Alpacas That Will All Put a Smile on Your Face

4 years ago

Not only are Alpacas incredibly lovable, fluffy animals, but they’re also very photogenic. The camera simply loves them. We don’t know what the exact reason is, but there’s something special about these animals that makes it so darn difficult to not like them.

We at Bright Side chose 20 super-sweet Alpaca pictures, and we doubt that you’ll be able to scroll past these images without smiling at least once.

1.When your friend won’t stop making weird faces in the selfie:

2. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful Alpaca of them all?

3. An Alpaca a day, makes all the sadness go away.

4. Bet you’ve never seen such a dope-looking Alpaca before.

5. When your girl makes you wear matching outfits:

6. When your mom’s friends are telling you how cute you are in public:

7. Alpacked and going on an adventure.

8. When fluffy meets adorable:

9. That’s one juicy smooch.

10. Try to catch my good side, hooman.

11. This is my jam, yo.

12. Did someone say treats?

13. We’re cute and we know it.

14. How I aspire to spend my Sundays:

15. About to drop a brand new album.

16. Going to the beach like...

17. Name a better wingman than this Alpaca, I’ll wait.

18. When you’re the third wheel at the party:

19. Chilling requires a team effort.

20. Friendship goals

You gotta admit that these alpacas can strike quite the pose. Do you agree that they can brighten even the darkest of days? Feel free to share any awesome Alpaca pics you have in the comment section.


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These animals are so cool. I once went to a zoo and there was this alpaca that almost spit on me haha


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