20+ Photos Proving That Renovations Can Be Scarier Than Any Horror Film

3 years ago

A lot of people are really scared of renovations. And there are plenty of good reasons why — some renovations turn into stories full of twists and turns that a lot of moviemakers could learn from.

We at Bright Side were feeling quite nervous while looking through these photos. But at the end of the article, there’s a bonus that proves how pets can make anything cute.

“Who’s a sniper? I am! I wanted to drill a hole and got right into the pipe!”

“If only there was a cheaper, aesthetically pleasing, more natural way to get shade...”

“A friend is renovating his house. He also has a cat.”

“The entire computer and security system relies on that plug, so we can’t unplug it to fix this.”

“I put in the cable ramp, boss!”


“I installed the air conditioning, boss.”

Nice way to install a fridge

“We now have a PERMANENTLY installed extension cord.”

“This picture in McDonald’s was hung sideways.”

“Our neighbor is renovating her house and installed a window that looks into our bathroom.”

“My neighbors built a deck that looks directly into my bedroom.”

“Yes boss, I installed the new bathroom doors.”

What happens when you’re renovating and remove a load-bearing wall:


The amateur carpenter didn’t use anchors to hang up the cabinets.

When “rock-mover” wasn’t in the job description:

“Pulled up the old carpet to put down new carpet (which was already paid for, measured, and cut) and found out the wood floors are actually pristine underneath. $2,300 in carpet well-spent!”

Slats have been installed!

“This wallpaper in the bathroom of the new house”

Bonus #1: “Home renovations when you have a cat — found her like this one day.”

Bonus #2: “Hey! I did some renovations while you were out. Hope you don’t mind!”

Have you ever had any surprises while doing renovations? Tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit tarktarkindustries / reddit


I guess sometimes you need to pay some money and call for a professional to do the job right ?

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