20+ Photos That Are Bursting With Happy Hormones

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After a long and tiring day, looking at things we find cute and heart-warming really helps wash away our tiredness and puts things back into perspective. Luckily, some people don’t hesitate to share their own uplifting pics on the internet that can instantly lift our mood. And here are some of the most wholesome ones we’ve rounded up for you. All you need to do is to scroll down and feel the happy hormones kick in.

1. “This is definitely his best angle.”

2. “Someone brought their pet possum to the store.”

3. “The way these water droplets collected on the edge of my strawberry plant.”

4. “This is how my dog smiles.”

5. “This photo of a Luna Moth I was able to take after it landed on my sister.”

6. “One of the goats got cuddly when I was coloring wool, want to guess which?”

7. “My daughter made breakfast.”

8. " The way he fell asleep on my face."

9. “Ordered takeout and mentioned I was excited to try them for the first time. Saw this when I opened the bag.”

“We hope you like it, enjoy!!! :)
We send a surprise for you,
thank you for choosing us❤️”

10. “Shilo was in the garden and somehow managed to get a feather stuck to his nose.”

11. “Fell asleep on a beaded duck pillow.”

12. “River rock shaped like a heart.”

13. “The way our cat posed when I was reading The Traveling Cat Chronicles.”

14. “Little girl at my table makes my entire year with her drawing.”

“Thank you for everything
I really loved this place.
Love, Ava
the little girl”

15. “My 2 kids who can read, reading to my 2 kids who can’t.”

16. “My dog, living her best life”

17. “My son’s PE shirt hadn’t completely dried when it was time for him to catch the bus, so I told him I’d drop it off at the school office.”

18. “My 2 Yorkies who are inseparable and always have to be touching each other.”

19. “I brought home the baby today and this big brother won’t leave her side.”

20. “My dumpster cat welcomes you to his home.”

21. “I came out and saw my grandfather holding my sleeping dog’s hand.”

22. “Someone used potatoes to spell out ’Love’ at the grocery store.”

23. “My kitty being particularly pretty this morning”

24. “Spiderweb with dew on a foggy morning”

25. “My cat stands up when he hears bell noises.”

26. “Beagle puppies rescued from a medical testing facility got to meet Snoopy.”

27. His happy place

28. “Today, my foster kittens tried nursing on my fixed male resident cat. I repeat. This dude has no milk and these are not his babies.”

Do you have any cute and heart-warming pics that you look at for a boost of joyfulness? We’d love to see them too!

Preview photo credit grayshush / Reddit


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