20 Pics That Prove Family Is a True Blessing

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3 years ago

Having a family who supports you in every moment of your life is a gift. You can spend 60 years with your wife or husband but still walk hand in hand like time hasn’t passed. And you will never forget the moment you first saw your child. All these little but important things are what makes up a family.

At Bright Side, we dedicate this article to an amazing little thing called family, and we share with you 20 pics of life’s best moments.

1. “A dedication to my grandma. She was my best friend. First tattoo!”

2. “60 years apart. Going home from service 1959 and going home from chemo 2019.”

3. “An old picture of my sister’s foot on my father’s hand”

4. “Just recently proposed to my girlfriend under the Golden Gate Bridge, someone was able to get this awesome candid photo of us and her parents.”

5. “My parents just celebrated their anniversary. This is what love looks like 54 years later.”

6. “My birthday gift to my nephew. Every year, I get something with my face on it.”

7. “We adopted our autistic son from Korea. At a recent wedding, he spontaneously took my grandmother’s hand and led her on a walk.”

8. “With my grandmother. 19 years later, off to graduate school”

9. “So my parents took a beach vacation with their dog and sent me this pic.”

10. “After 7 months, I finally got the tattoo for my parents, dog, and family home.”

11. “Here’s a pic of my parents right after they bought our awesome house in New Hampshire.”

12. “This dad was on my bus today, and somebody called him a bad parent because of his outfit. His daughter only said, ’I love my daddy.’”

13. “Me and my brother”

14. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents this happy before.”

15. “My boys, after the Highland Games, sharing a hug”

16. “40 years later”

17. “My sister’s wedding. I (maid of honor) wore our mother’s wedding dress from 1982 and my sister (bride) wore our grandmother’s wedding dress from 1949.”

18. “The hands of 5 generations of women”

19. “This photo has been hanging in my parents house for as long as I can remember.”

20. “Me holding on to my girl at my high school graduation in 2002. I’m holding on to her even tighter at hers in 2020.”

How often do you take pictures with your family? Do you have a favorite photo? Please, share it with us!

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