20 Pics That Prove Some People Just Aren’t Lucky When It Comes to Food

2 years ago

Many of us may not be skilled in the art of cooking, and our dishes may not always be perfect, but there are times when even prepared or packaged food takes an unexpected 180-degree turn and manages to surprise us even more than the witticisms of our homemade dishes. Some people may add extra chocolate when making cookies, but when buying them at the store, others may not even get a single chocolate chip.

Bright Side invites you to see the strangest things that happened to some people’s food.

1. “My disappointing M&M ice cream sandwich”

2. “I now remember that yesterday I wanted a cold soda.”

3. “DoorDash sent me this as a delivery confirmation photo...”

4. “Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes, and this is all my garden produced.”

5. “Bad morning”

6. “My pepper grinder broke this morning.”

7. On a regular morning of a regular day, this guy was walking to his first job with a fresh cup of coffee. That’s not cream, a crow just had good aim.

8. “Ate 2 of these bad boys in the dark and came back to see this.”

9. “Accidentally left my Easter egg in the sun. Still sealed!”

10. “A cat ran into the road, I slammed on the brakes...and there goes my lunch.”

11. “See those eggs? They’re supposed to be in the pies. I made 2 hot oily chocolate garbage circles.”

12. “Well, this just happened.”

13. “The last doughnut”

14. “Walked out my front door today and found this. I didn’t order DoorDash. Looks like someone didn’t get their lunch or maybe their dinner from last night, or maybe from a few days ago. I haven’t been outside in 4 days.”

15. “Sat down to enjoy my burger after going to McDonald’s and realized something was missing.”

16. “I don’t know, maybe I can use them as a cup or something?”

17. “My salt grinder broke while I was seasoning my lasagna.”

18. “Zipper seal opened. Bag didn’t...”

19. “The air fryer blew the cheese off my bread.”

20. “Bought 60 doughnuts for the office today to celebrate my twentieth birthday, only to be told I need to work from home for the next week.”

What funny or strange things involving food have happened to you?

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number 3 I would screenshot to prove its actually from the delivery guy. send it to their supervisor and ask them to replace the order for free.


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