20 Pictures About the Differences Between Moms and Dads That’ll Strike Anyone as Funny

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4 years ago

It’s said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus because that’s how different they are. And so are moms and dads when it comes to parenting styles. Most of the time, mothers act in a nurturing and protective way and fathers are the chilled out, “have fun no matter what” parent. These differing child-rearing methods are so funny, they make family life nothing short of delightful.

We at Bright Side have prepared a compilation that shows how different moms and dads behave in similar situations and we hope you’ll have a good laugh.

1. Playing with your mom vs playing with your dad

2. “Nap time with Dad”

3. When you tell them about a minor car accident:

4. When he loves his newborn babies, but he also needs to play:

5. “Love notes from Mom and Dad”

6. Shopping peacefully with your mom

7. Shopping wildly with your dad

8. How riding a water slide with your father is:

9. A day at the beach

10. When the baby arrives:

11. When a mommy and daughter take a cute photo, but in the background, the dad is stuffing a baby in a cannon:

12. What “playing outside with Daddy” looks like:

13. Drying laundry: mom style vs dad style

14. Indoor playground

15. “Lunchtime with Daddy”

16. Birthday wishes: mom vs dad

17. When they need a day with their mommy, but they get one with their daddy instead:

18. When Daddy babysits and he also happens to love Photoshop:

19. Time alone with Mom

20. Time alone with Dad

What other funny differences between moms and dads would you add to this compilation? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Dad's are just true geniuses at doing things the lazy way


The contrast between moms and dads is so true! My husband has done something things with our son that OMG!


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