20 Pictures That Prove Animals Won’t Ever Be Fully Understood by Humans

year ago

Studies have shown that having a pet can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost our mood. In some cases, the connection we have with them is so strong that we feel understood by them, and it seems like they have compassion for us as well. However, there are times when they act in ways that we’ll never fully be able to comprehend. Still, we continue to love them, maybe even more, with each passing day.

1. “Bob, one of our favorites at the rescue, finding the meaning of life in the peanut butter spoon”

2. “I think my cat got stuck.”

3. “This cat that lives at this house steals from the neighbors, so the owner put up a ’lost and found’ where you can get your stuff back.”

4. “So many nice places to sleep, yet she always chooses the toilet to snuggle up on.”

5. “Got my dog a new bed for the office. He loves it.”

6. “I think she fell asleep, she’s been like this for almost 30 minutes.”

7. “He stands like this when he thinks we aren’t looking...”

8. “He stole a stale baguette I was saving to make breadcrumbs and has been carrying it around for 3 days.”

9. “He is an acrocat. She is photobombing.”

10. “My thick cat has gone beyond the limits of loaf and has now become CUBE!”

11. “She picks the most interesting hiding places.”

12. “When I call his name...”

13. “No words for this.”

14. “Flop...”

15. “I promise Ted is a completely normal, not traumatized dog.”

16. “The way my dog sleeps in his crate”

17. “I really need to stop spending money on cat beds.”

18. “What a great view!”

19. “I love my dog to bits, but sometimes she’s just...”

20. “Just a touch dramatic”

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen an animal do? We’d love to know in the comments.


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