20 Reasons Why a Chow Chow Can Be Both a Fluffy Disaster and a Hurricane of Joy

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The Chow Chow breed’s temperament makes them a hard nut to crack, to say the least. They can be very stubborn and sometimes show aggression. But if they pick you as their “person,” you’ll have a friend for life and a dog as devoted to you as Hachiko was to his owner.

We at Bright Side have some solid proof that chows can become a fluffy storm in your peaceful haven, and we’d love for you to look at these rascals together with us.

1. They adore bubble baths and soft towels.

2. Just like human kids, chows get very active on playgrounds.

3. They may inhabit the most unexpected places in your house.

4. Let them occupy your bed and you’ll need to wait for your turn to sleep.

5. They may pretend to be bears or clouds, leaving you very puzzled.

6. They fall asleep right at the moment you wanted to play with them.

7. They like to lie in puddles outside, turning from clouds to hedgehogs.

8. Their momma may fall in love with a husky and you’ll get a “chowsky” puppy afterward.

9. Sometimes, they’re as lazy as seals.

10. If a chow wants you to let them in, ignoring them isn’t an option.

11. They’re very possessive, so they’ll control your emails to make sure you’re not planning to play with another dog.

12. They should be kept away from snow, otherwise, they turn into scary grizzly bears.

13. They’re sleepy all the time and sometimes need a lullaby.

14. They’ll show you their butts if they disagree with you on something.

15. Chows have purple tongues and sometimes look like aliens.

16. They may be easily mistaken for plushy teddy bears.

17. Sometimes, they’ll demand their breakfast to be served right in your bed.

18. One chow may not be enough — sometimes you’ll need 2 or 3.

19. Having a chow means being ready to kiss and to be kissed in return.

20. They’re so devoted to their humans that they literally follow you everywhere, and will even fit in your bag.

What breed is your pet? Why have you chosen this breed and what makes it so special?


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