20 Secondhand Finds That Turned Interiors Into Magical Places

3 years ago

Thrift stores are considered to be places where items that people no longer want are abandoned. But it seems like no item can be labeled as “abandoned” — they just need to find their real owners so they can bring them to life, again. Sometimes you can even find incredibly valuable, cultural artifacts at thrift stores that you won’t believe somebody could just get rid of.

Bright Side created this list of unexpected thrift store finds to give you your daily dose of amazement. Turns out, these stores have hidden treasures.

1. “I present to you all the sassy grandfather clock!”

2. “This intricate glass piece I found at a flea market last year!”

3. “Anastasia music box for $5 at a local flea market. I’m so stoked about it!”

4. “I found my dream shelf for $20 at a thrift store!”

5. “My friend got this for me at Community Thrift. It’s a porcelain pineapple lamp and the bedazzled pieces seem to be heat-cracked marbles.”

6. “My greatest FB marketplace purchase to date. This cost just $300!”

7. “I found the perfect chair for my balcony at an estate sale today!”

8. “Got this for free from Facebook Marketplace!”

9. “I passed by it a couple times, but had to have it and went back for it. The lady having her yard sale wanted $2 for it!”

10. “I paid $200 for this rad couch on craigslist!”

11. “Furnished my apartment completely via thrifting & FB marketplace.”

12. “I’m in love with this lamp! It has a full range dimmer knob. Found at a yard sale for $12!”

13. “We put in a mouse hole when we gutted our house. The light inside is motion activated.”

14. “$9 thrifted walnut dresser for my daughter’s room. Definitely one of my favorite finds.”

15. “Got this unusual lightbulb as a bonus with a $5 lamp!”

16. “Found the most beautiful bohemian love seat for my porch on the marketplace.”

17. “A great find for $20. Love these old school lighted globes. They create a great old-world ambiance!”

18. “Thrifted dresser turned into a vanity sink and thrifted mirror.”

19. “Found this shelf in an alley on my daily walk! I initially left her there, but had to go back for her.”

20. “Technically the tabletop is from Ikea, but the table base and chair are secondhand.”

Do you shop from thrift stores? What items have you found?


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