15 Shameless Cats Who Know Who the Boss Is (and It’s Not the Human)

2 years ago

In most cases, our adorable fluffy pet serves as an anti-stress companion for us, that is ready to boost our mood with a sweet purr at any moment. However, some cats turn out to be the representatives of eternal naughtiness. They don’t listen to their owners’ commands, they steal our food, and just generally bring chaos into our lives. And we are sure that they believe they are the true kings of the world.

We at Bright Side are sure that every representative of the feline persuasion takes a special course of naughtiness in their kittenhood. And this compilation is a good piece of proof that illustrates this fact.

“Hey internet company, please forget all those angry calls to tech support. I finally figured out what was wrong with my router.”

“I couldn’t figure out why the fabric felt wet but he’s got the thread running through his teeth as I sew — that’s my cat, cleaning his teeth while I’m busy with work.”

“My friend’s cat likes sitting on her head — literally.”

When you want to stroke his “cuteness majesty” but he is not in the mood:

“Stood on the dryer, tore the wreath down, made a bed, and now just purring away.”

“Every morning he blocks the door and only budges when you throw him a couple of treats.”

“Just why?”

“Oh, were you gonna cook something in that?”

“Catzilla! Messi photobombed my friend’s bridal pics!”

“Meanwhile, back at the house...”

“Every time I try to play the Sims...”

“My cat loves to shred toilet paper. Today, she found my entire stash.”

“My cat Tauntaun is the worst when I try to sleep.”

“My cat has the entire house to sit in, but settled for a plate of glitter cones.”

“She has an $80 cat bed, and yet she’s been sleeping in this bag for 2 days now and won’t get out.”

What naughty things does your fluffy pet do? We would be glad to read about them in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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??? I love all the pics. My cats are crazy cute, too, but they take running when they see me try to take their pics. They’re camera shy.


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