20+ Staggering Things That Actually Exist

3 years ago

Everyone knows what regular things like a computer mouse, a stapler, or a bag of chips look like. But, as it turns out, there are computer mice with built-in calculators, pen-shaped staplers, and totally black bags of chips.

We at Bright Side have found some interesting things that look very unusual.

1. My watermelon barely had a rind.

2. A calculator mouse

3. This is an old pen-shaped stapler.

4. It’s the fungus Xylaria polymorpha, or Dead Man’s Fingers. It usually grows on rotting tree stumps.

5. This tiny toothpaste, Tic Tac box for scale

6. “This metal keyboard at my neighborhood’s medical center”

7. “I found a 6-person-long camping chair online.”

8. “I solved a 15×15 Rubik’s cube.”

9. This very short escalator found in Harrods, London

10. This tiny handrail that is about 8 in long

11. This completely black bag of Japanese chips

12. One hundred trillion dollars

In 2008-2009, Zimbabwe had hyperinflation, and prices were growing incredibly fast. In order to fix the problem, the authorities were constantly making new money and increasing its value. So, bread could cost 10 billion Zimbabwe dollars.

13. The largest pencil in the world at The City Museum in St. Louis. (regular pencil for scale)

14. “My local garden center has urinals shaped like plants.”

15. This tree is a Cashew of Pirangi, and it looks like a small forest.

16. In Moskenes, Norway there is a village with a very short name — Å.

17. These giant screws are used as foundations for solar panel arrays.

18. A tie clip with a functioning thermometer

19. This is the longest picnic table in England made from a single piece of wood.

20. Pickle cotton candy

21. “The bees in my garden have blue and black abdomens. They are called blue-banded bees.”

Have you ever seen things that made you say, “WOW!”? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit i124nk8 / reddit


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This urinal is a piece of art actually :p I can see it as a flower sculpture in a garden :D


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