10 sweet puppies who take the art of Sleep-Fu to a whole new level

9 months ago

No matter how much we all love our work, some of us sure know how it feels to have to get up too early in the morning. Sometimes it can turn into a real challenge to leave our soft and oh-so-comfy bed.

We collected these funny pictures of puppies who have truly mastered the ancient art of Sleep-Fu. Some of them even took it to a whole new level! Look at them, don’t these furry cuties look just like us?

1. “He has like 50 beds but sleeps like this all the time”

2. “This is Otis. Otis sleeps in my shoes.”

3. “My patient at work fell asleep like this”

4. “The cheerio has been there for 3 minutes now. How long will it last?”

5. “Bernie played with his alpaca so hard he fell asleep still holding it.”

6. “My puppy and toddler sleeping together”

7. “My pillow has a surprise inside!”

8. “Couldn’t find my kitten anywhere, then I walked passed the pot plant and saw this....”

9. “My Corgi fell asleep while drinking water.”

10. “Two years ago today, Nala fell asleep on the scale at her first visit to the vet...”


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