20 Things That Can Stupefy Anyone Who Sets Foot in Asia for the First Time

4 years ago

The world is beautiful because of its variety, but in Asia it seems to be even more so. Temples that venerate rats like gods, chicken-shaped churches, and restaurants where you eat out of mini-toilets... You can find this and much more in Asia.

Get ready to be amazed by what we at Bright Side have put together here for you!

1. For those days when you feel anti-social, this protective vest created in Singapore is the ideal solution.

2. In Japan and China they have Coca-Cola Clear.

3. Imagine going to work in an office like this. This is the Lotus Building in Wujin, China.

4. Nagoro is a remote ghost village in Japan where dolls, that are created by one of only a few left habitants, an elderly lady named Ayano Tsukimi, replace the departed.

5. In India they consider many animals to be sacred, and one of them is the rat that is worshipped at the Karni Mata temple.

6. The respect that the Japanese have for nature led them to build a station around an ancient tree, instead of destroying it.

7. Some say it smells like rotten socks, and the taste isn’t any better. Durian is one of the most unusual fruits in Asia.

8. A functional way to open coconuts in Asia

9. At the IKEA store in Beijing, China, you can buy furniture and also take a comfortable nap.

10. In China, they have a restaurant that serves its food in small toilets.

11. These Supertrees are tree-like structures that provide planting areas and shade, and work as environmental engines for the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

12. The very strong flavor of Nattō (fermented soy beans) accompanied by its stringy and sticky texture makes it one of the least palatable foods in Japan.

13. In Indonesia and the Philippines you can find small stands run by women selling gas-filled coke bottles.

14. There are self-heating bus benches for the harsh winters in South Korea.

15. The Mr. Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea, shows how important a toilet is to humans, as well as the toilet philosophy of its founder Sim Jae-duck.

16. In the Chinese city of Guiyang, they created a unique waterfall from a height of 108 m on one of their skyscrapers.

17. You’ll often see bicycles or scooters crammed to capacity with either people or goods in all Asian countries.

18. The Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok, Thailand is positioned directly on the train tracks, and the train passes inches in front of the stalls.

19. Ganguro, which literally translates to “black face,” is a fashion trend where Japanese girls take tanning to a new extreme.

20. “Husband Pods” are booths in Chinese shopping malls where wives can leave their husbands to play video games while they go shopping.

Have you ever been to Asia before? What part of this article impressed you the most and why? We look forward to reading your opinion in the comments!

Preview photo credit Siew Ming Cheng / behance.net


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Asia is a weird place, that's for sure, but eating from mini-toilets ?


I wouldn't mind taking a little nap in the bed store too! What a good idea ?


Any Asian country is a place must to visit. I would love to visit Japan to get acquainted with their culture.
People there are so different from people in my own country, and this so interesting!


Honestly, durian is that one fruit that I really want to try!
I'm even ready to come to Asia just to have a taste of it


In India, we don't consider "many animals to be sacred," literally only the cow is. We don't "worship rats," we feed them because we don't want anything to die in the temple.


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