20 Things That Surprised Us With Their Size

3 years ago

Tires so big they could fit a Transformer’s truck, insects as large as a human hand, and grain-sized electronic devices with more power than a computer. This is not a scenario from a sci-fi comic book, but real life. And we have Mother Nature and technology to thank.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the size of some objects and animals people found, and now we want you to be as impressed as we were.

1. “I think I need a bigger car.”

2. “Size difference between my hand and the wife’s.”

3. “Hummingbird eggs. They’re so little!”

4. “My friend had a strawberry that was the size of an apple.”

5. “Absolutely massive pumpkin a neighbor grew.”

6. “This massive remote that my grandma uses”

7. “Found a massive stick insect on my front door!”

8. “Huge tire being transported on the highway.”

9. “The size of these brass nuts at my workplace”

10. “He’s about the size of a quarter.”

11. “Cross-section of Golden Gate Bridge suspension cable”

12. “I made a tiny friend today”

13. “Megalodon tooth compared to a white shark tooth”

14. “In awe at the size of this lemon.”

15. This is the size of only one whale vertebra, now imagine how big they are.

16. “This big puff mushroom my dad found”

17. “Removing this tiny little 2 amp fuse will completely put a 30-story elevator out of service.”

18. “These tiny decks of cards”

19. “My student’s teeny tiny pencil”

20. “Apparently, my son is a baby giant. He’s a little over 1 year old.”

What people, animals, or objects have you seen that surprised you with their sizes? What’s the biggest or smallest animal you’ve ever seen?

Preview photo credit rebekahnator / imgur


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