20 Times Nature Rewarded Border Collies With Beauty and a Pinch of Tenderness

3 years ago

Border collie dogs are unique in nature. Besides being beautiful, they’re considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds of domestic dogs. This has led to thousands of people falling in love with their ingenuity and friendliness, and those who are lucky enough to have one at home don’t hesitate to post their pictures online to let the world know how cool it is to have one around.

And because we at Bright Side totally fell in love when we saw pictures of these border collies online, we thought we’d make a compilation featuring the funniest and cutest anecdotes people shared on the Internet.

1. “My border collie puppy likes to jump up and sit on random things. This is my favorite so far.”

2. “Surprised my girlfriend with a border collie. I think they’re both happy.”

3. “The shelter I work at had a litter of 5 1-week-old border collie pups. My coworker chose this pup before his eyes even opened, and he ended up being the only one with a blue eye! This is Ollie!”

4. “I took a picture of our 6-month-old border collie.”

5. “We had a baby 3 weeks ago and our border collie hasn’t left his side since we brought him home.”

6. “Meet Darwin, the only border collie to ever sleep through an entire vet appointment!”

7. “This is how she tells me she’s ready to go outside”

8. “My 7-month-old border collie doesn’t have enough room for her tongue and a tennis ball.”

9. “I hope Tracer cuddling her brother Biggs Darklighter brings a smile to your face today.”

10. “Meet Loki, the 3-month-old border collie puppy being fostered at my work.”

11. Someone is very comfortable, and it’s not exactly the one below...

12. Every day is a good time to cool off by taking a nice swim in the lake!

13. “First dip in the ocean”

14. “Me, my girlfriend, and my roommate each have a border collie. It took about half a bag of treats, but we got them to sit still long enough for a family portrait.”

15. “Brushed him for the first time in a while, we thought he was getting chubby.”

16. This little guy wants to play for sure.

17. “Ready to take a walk in the Wild West!”

18. “Never trust a quiet border collie.”

19. “14 years later and he’s still my best buddy.”

20. New haircut?

Border collies are pure tenderness. Do you have one at home? What are some of the mischievous things they’ve done that have stolen your heart?


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I absolutely love the 3rd picture, this dog looks so sweet with his 2 different eye colors!


Credit where credit is due, that 4th picture is amazing! I wonder if this person is a professional


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