20 Times People Came Up With Creative Solutions for Daily Problems

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2 years ago

Life hacks are clever, improvised solutions — they help us save time and make our lives easier and more practical. Internet users are the best when it comes to sharing little tips and tricks they use with minimal effort and, most importantly, they like to add their creativity into the mix.

After seeing the following inventive solutions, Bright Side wanted to share them with you so you can go through your own life with ease. Make sure to check out our bonus section for a touching, smile-inducing life hack.

1. “We use hulk hands to move cacti at my work.”

2. “When you’re an indoor cat but want some fresh air”

3. “Use an egg slicer to cut your mushrooms.”

4. “Keep at least one empty tissue box on hand for when you’re sick and need to keep your germs contained.”

5. “Accidentally tore the side of your bag of chips? Use a hole puncher to keep it from spreading.”

6. “Use your spring-loaded salad tongs to keep your reusable bags open as they dry.”

7. “Put things on the hood of your car instead of the top. If you forget, you’ll see them when you sit in the driver’s seat.”

8. “A large carabiner with a sponge grip makes carrying groceries a more pleasant experience for your fingers.”

9. “My mom bought a CD rack for her ramen.”

10. “Put the ends of your green onions in a glass of water and they’ll re-grow! You’ll never run out of them again.”

11. “Just switched the casters on my chair to skate wheels. $20 well spent.”

12. “When cleaning up broken glass, use a flashlight! The shards cast a shadow, which helps with the last bit.”

13. “Despite regular vacuuming, a squeegee just pulled this out of our carpet. We have a cattle dog who sheds a lot.”

14. “Use an earring to make sure you don’t lose your AirPods.”

15. “Couldn’t get rid of this ugly stain right in the middle of the shirt, so I used some old dye to make a cool patchy shirt instead!”

16. “Using zippered bedding bags as wreath storage!”

17. “Clothes pins are $1 for 100 and so much better than plastic chip clips.”

18. “Have a bad desk chair that offers no back support? Slide a pillowcase over it with a firm, fluffy pillow.”

19. “After it cools down, pour your leftover coffee into ice trays. Once frozen, use the cubes to make iced coffee without watering down your beverage.”

20. “My wife was impressed with the idea — 3M hangers upside down to keep trash bags in place.”


“I kept losing my son during the family reunion. He just started walking, so I found a solution to keep tabs on him.”

How many of these creative solutions have you heard of before? What’s your best life hack that not many people know about that you’d like to share with us?

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If you vinegar and hot water in the mop bucket, you can wash the walls without using harsh cleaners that may damage the paint on the walls.


I also make coffee like this, such a nice thing during warm days


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