20 Times People Got More Than One Cat and Suddenly Realized How Cool It Was

2 years ago

Experienced cat owners know very well how unpredictable their favorite pets can be. And even with one pet, you need to keep your eyes open at all times because sometimes, if you turn away just for a second, they’ll manage to get themselves into trouble, again. And if you have more than one cat in the house, you have to be prepared for anything, just like the people from today’s compilation.

We at Bright Side are firmly convinced that the more cats there are, the better. And looking at these photos of mustachioed pranksters, it’s very difficult not to smile.

“I went to the car to grab some bags and when I returned, I saw them. They tore the bag with lettuce looking for meat.”

“My dad set the tools down for 30 seconds and they immediately went to steal them.”

“What on earth are my cats doing?”

“She just hopped right on her.”

“My cats look like they’re posing for the cover of a music album. So I made one for them.”

“This is literally the last picture of my Christmas tree.”

“I’m so glad I turned the lights on before heading down the stairs.”

“My gray and white cat loves to snuggle and the other one (Pepper) doesn’t like it very much. But the first guy couldn’t care less.”

“This happens every morning.”

“Watching the sunset? Here you go!”

“Our cat hates everything and everyone, especially her daughter — the one sitting on top. My abs already hurt from laughing when I look at her face.”

“Shameless kittens! They’re not the least bit ashamed.”

“A second before the disaster”

“I know better that it’s more convenient for me.”

“3 kings and their princess watching me wash the dishes”

“The house is full of cat beds and blankets, but this is where they like to be.”

“I think they’re already getting along pretty well.”

“Betrayal of the highest order”

“Playing cat-opoly with serious rivals”

“Trying to explain to my cats that they won’t get mac and cheese because they’re lactose intolerant...”

Do you have any pets? Do they get along with each other?

Preview photo credit ScoobyValentine / reddit


#1 is me when my mom comes from the store and I get to check if she brought me anything tasty 🤣

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