20 Times Pets Experienced New Things, and We Fell for Their Honest Emotions

3 years ago

Oh, the thrill of doing something for the first time. Experiencing your first day at the beach, a first kiss, or seeing your baby for the first time can be incredibly exciting. And with our pets, it’s no different. No matter if they’re happy, scared, or excited, there’s no doubt that these experiences will change them forever.

Bright Side knows the importance of eternalizing these moments, so we gathered a few first-time pet adventures.

1. “First time visiting the ocean”

2. “Pearl, my Asperger’s service dog, sniffing my baby for the first time”

3. “Brought my tortie outside for the first time.”

4. “My blind kitten climbed to the top of the cactus scratching post all by herself for the first time and she looks so proud.”

5. “Took Timber to see his brothers for the first time since they passed. Was at a loss for words when he did this.”

6. “My 8-month-old kitten’s reaction to seeing a dog for the first time”

7. “17 years old and traveling overnight for the first time”

8. “My puppy went into the pool all by herself for the first time.”

9. “First time at the vet — she was such a good girl!”

10. “Her first time walking in the snow”

11. “My dog’s face after discovering a weighted blanket for the first time”

12. “My cat experiencing the balcony/outdoors for the first time”

13. “This was the first time Zeus learned how to do his favorite thing, dig!”

14. “An 8-week-old Leo just used the litter box for the first time and got lots of treats and scratches.”

15. “First time seeing a camera”

16. “First time meeting — cautiously curious...”

17. “First time meeting — guess who’s more nervous.”

18. “Her first time in a wide-open grass field!”

19. “This is her face after seeing a beach for the first time in her life.”

20. “He saw a spider for the first time.”

What first-time experience do you remember the most? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Preview photo credit Many-Celebration-368 / reddit


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