20+ Touching Images of Elderly Pets That Remind Us to Cherish Every Moment With Our Loved Ones

4 years ago

Pets are downright amazing — they’re affectionate and loving, they give us bright and warm feelings, they understand us without words, and they can teach us a thing or 2 about friendship. But sadly, our 4-legged companions have a lifespan that is too short. Try to keep this in mind next time you feel annoyed by your cat demanding ’too much’ attention, or decide to put off going to the park with your dog. Remember to treasure every moment with your pets — they won’t be around forever!

With this compilation, Bright Side wants to help you see the importance of valuing those who love you with all their heart and don’t ask for anything in return.

“My beloved cat is turning 20 today. She lives with my parents, and I’m driving over to congratulate her.”

“My 16-year-old dog can’t walk anymore, but we hated the idea of going on a family outing and leaving her behind!”

This lady still looks fantastic at the age of 23!

A dog named Maggie enjoys a delicious steak on her 16th birthday.

“7 years ago, I decided to adopt the cheapest cat in the shelter. This guy proved to be the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Meet Hank, age 12!”

“This guy is 15 and he’s only getting cuter with age!”

“My darling girl is 15 today!”

“This 14-year-old beauty is named Marceline. I love her with all my heart!”

“Meet Roksi! She’s a 16-year-old mixed-breed.”

“This is Papi, my best friend! He turns 12 soon and I think the world of him!”

“This old man turned 15 today. Let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday!”

"Meet Abby! She’s 22. She can barely meow nowadays, and a bit of her left ear is missing. But she’s still the cutest cat on earth!’

“I adopted this 13-year-old girl 2 weeks ago. I think we’re really getting along.”

“My Japanese friend’s cat has just turned 15.”

Jane is 14 years old and still gorgeous.

“Hello, everyone! Today is my 18th birthday.”

“Not many farm cats live to be 18, but Carrot is among the lucky few!”

“My best buddy turns 11 this month!”

“We’ve lost count, but this cat must be over 20 years old. She’s always been a bit wayward, but she used to purr whenever I’d pet her as a child.”

"I can’t run or jump, but I can give you kisses and cuddles. I can’t hear well, but I’ll wag my tail whenever I see you. I may look old, but in my heart, I will always be a puppy!’

And how old are your furry friends? Maybe you used to have a pet in your childhood — someone who, for many years, gave you never-ending love and devotion? Share his or her photo with us!

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The only bad thing about having a pet is that they get older way faster than us.. ?

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