20 Unique Situations That Can Amaze Literally Anyone

2 years ago

TV shows and movies aren’t the only way we can witness our world’s wonders and mysteries, as they may be much closer to us than we think. From finally witnessing the end of a rainbow to discovering that your grandfather is basically your twin, some of these findings can impress even the most skeptical people.

We at Bright Side agree that seeing is believing, so we gathered the most bewildering things people ever witnessed that can definitely astonish you today.

1. “I saw the end of a rainbow today.”

2. “My husband was born with a useless nubbin for a thumb, so doctors put his index finger in its place.”

3. This outdoor living room is made entirely out of bricks.

4. “My third-grade picture and my grandfather at the same age”

5. “This old subway entrance is a working Subway entrance.”

6. “This is Canada. Saw this while skiing. It was a little cold.”

7. “This cat showed up at our house 6 months ago, and I still can’t get over his eyes.”

8. “A naturally rose-shaped turkey tail mushroom”

9. The severed and re-attached portion of his finger doesn’t prune when doing dishes.

10. “A heart-shaped, tube-like tomato I found today”

11. “This peach blossom tree has flowers in 3 different colors.”

12. “How the overnight snow didn’t melt on the grass patches”

13. This guy found a tree with thorns as big as his hand.

14. “This sunset looks like a wildfire in southern Finland today.”

15. “The shadow my shaker ball makes”

16. “A guy I saw fishing in his boat on a very foggy day”

17. “This tree is eating a sign.”

18. “The spectrum of carrots I grew last summer”

19. “The way this snake wrapped itself around my friend’s hair”

20. “My frozen lemonade was so full, you can’t tell I removed the lid already.”

What is the most breathtaking thing you’ve ever seen?

Preview photo credit SuPurrrrNova / reddit


what the! That end of the rainbow 🌈 is surely fake, rainbows don't touch the floor i thought.

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