20 Urban Designs Around the World We Want to See in Every City

4 years ago

Urban environments are not just about beauty and convenience. It turns out that urban design can influence mental health. Crude city planning can play a bad joke with its citizens’ well-being and happiness. But not everything is lost. We are happy to reassure you that there are architects who approach their job with creativity and aren’t afraid to experiment.

Bright Side was impressed with examples of astonishing urban design and we can’t afford to hide them from you.

20. This bus stop helps people return to childhood.

19. What could be better than a hammock near the sea?

18. Waiting for the green “walk” light, at a traffic light, is a good opportunity to play ping pong.

17. Swings are good. Glowing swings are even better.

16. It’s the perfect place to hide from the sun while on a picnic.

15. Kids don’t like stairs, they prefer the wind in their hair.

14. Free urban book exchange

13. Traffic light at your feet

12. This table with an integrated light will come in handy at night.

11. An urban garden inside the city

10. A pavilion full of cushions

9. Anyone who’s tired can have a seat.

8. Let the plants grow everywhere.

7. Automatic underground bike parking

6. A wonderful knitted playground

5. It’s always summer at this bus stop.

4. The best way to create shade

3. Hammock plus seat equals a swing seat.

2. Feel free to charge your phone.

1. Walking on the sky

Do you like to discover and explore new locations? Does your city have a cool urban design? You can share your photos in the comments.


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