20+ Weird Pictures Proving There Is a Glitch in the Matrix

4 years ago

Sometimes, real life gives us images that are better than any photo that has been retouched using Photoshop. Random shots with no special intention, can become amazing perspective games that play tricks on our mind and even make us doubt what is real and what is not. Reddit users have been sharing these findings and they’ve really managed to amaze us this time.

Bright Side brings you a new selection of 21 images that you need to look at more than once to understand and that will make you have doubts about the universe we live in.

1. “Flying boat”

2. “Heaven or lake?”

3. Where’s your head at, man?

4. This woman arrived on top of a mountain with her bike.

5. “This tree is glitching out.”

6. “I see your 2-legged cat and raise you a 2-headed one.”

7. “My son put his arms and legs into the sleeves of his sweatshirt.”

8. “See-through paddle board”

9. “My dog normally has 4 legs.”

10. “Holding these eggs turned me into an egg-sized man.”

11. Head or tails?

12. “I saw this wood thing that looks like it’s hanging in the air.”

13. “Walking on the water”

14. “My view during my flight from BKK-LHR. It looked like we were flying outside of Earth.”

15. And this is what we call the one-legged squat

16. “I went to the library and accidentally ended up in Interstellar...”

17. Such a nice smile you have...

18. Nice mustache...Wait a minute!

19. Is this real life, or is it fantasy?

20. “Big cat or tiny bed?”

21. Should I stay or should I go? Can’t decide.

Do you have any pictures that turned out to be optical illusions? Please share them with us in the comments!


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