20 Women Who Rocked Their New Year’s Parties With Winter Nail Designs

2 years ago

New Year and Christmas are a great reason to change your manicure and become the real star of these festive evenings. And the imagination of modern fashionistas is truly endless — there are paintings of snow-covered buildings, pine branches, and even characters from our favorite TV series.

We at Bright Side don’t mind experimenting with our own nails and repeating some of these bold ideas, including the nail-erasers from the bonus part of the article.

From afar, it’s not even clear where the nails end and where the Christmas decoration begins.

“I was surprised by the ways you can use an ordinary toothbrush.”

“The manicure that makes my ring look really cool”

“Yes, they’re not perfect and not as fashionable as the ones some of you have. But I did the manicure myself and I’m proud.”

We wonder how much time the nail designer spent on this drawing.

“There are snow-covered trees on my nails.”

If you suddenly forgot what year it is, you can always look at your nails.

A matte winter manicure is an elegant, classic look.

“I saw a photo of a snow-covered lighthouse and thought, “This is a great nail design.”


“I don’t care whether I’m an adult or not. Sometimes, I need dinosaur nails to be happy.”

Here comes the Christmas garland.

If Princess Elsa from Frozen had a manicure, her nails would look exactly like this.

Magical winter cherries

Here, the nails and the ring look united.

These nails look like cookies with white icing.

Silver rings and “silver” nails

“I’m ready for Christmas.”

“I dreamed about this look for a year and finally persuaded my technician to do it. I am beyond happy with the results!”

A wedding and New Year’s manicure. For those who want to combine 2 events into one.

Bonus: Nails that look like pencil erasers. For those who had a bad year and want to erase it from their memory.

How did you do your nails before Christmas and New Year? Would you use any of these ideas?

Preview photo credit KaylaGM / reddit


Love all of them. Especially the red one♡♡♡

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