21 Brave Women Who Prove Gray Hair Looks Really Gorgeous

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Most people believe that gray hair in a woman is a sign of fading beauty and age. But 26-year old Martha Truslow Smith who hasn’t been dying her gray hair for 2 years has the opposite opinion. She created an Instagram account where women proudly demonstrate their natural iron-gray hair and explain how their lives have changed with this hair color.

Bright Side couldn’t ignore these brave women who don’t care what other people think. They set an example of how attractive natural beauty can be.

Here’s Martha Truslow Smith herself!

“I haven’t been dying my hair for 4 years and I’m in love with my gray color!”

“It was difficult to accept graying when I was 13, but at 23 I learned how to love my hair!”

“Being myself, touching my silver locks is the best decision I’ve ever made.”

“I stopped dying my hair at 32 and fell in love with my natural gray color.”

“I had an allergic reaction to hair dye. So it was time to become who I really am. I’m 42 now and I don’t care about public opinion.”

“When I was seriously ill for 4 months, I didn’t dye my hair. And I decided not to do it ever again. I’m so happy I made this decision!”

“I think it’s time to forget about the stereotype that gray hair makes you look older.”

“I’m 52 and I haven’t dyed my hair for 2 years. I have never felt more alive!”

“I’m 55 and wonder about when people decide that it’s time to stop dying their hair. At age 65? Or at 75? We all grow older. Why do I have to follow fashion rules to look younger if I’m ok with who I am now?”

“I have never dyed my hair. I haven’t even thought of it. I just love myself the way I am. Gray is the most beautiful color in my life. I’m very happy.”

“People often tell me, ’I want to be as brave as you.’ And I reply, ’Don’t say that! Stop buying lies that cover up your age. You’re beautiful!’”

“Sometimes I ask myself, ’Is it really my hair?’ And I reply, ’Yes, baby. And you look gorgeous!’”

“I think growing back my gray hair at 43 takes more courage than anything I’ve ever done before. This is me after 4 months without dying my hair.”

“It’s been 9 years since the last time I dyed my hair.”

“Simple and elegant, right?”

“I decided not to color my hair anymore 4 years ago when I found out about my fourth pregnancy. I’ve never been happier about my hair.”

“I’m 47 and I’ve been free from dying my hair for 2 years. And yes, these are my natural curly waves.”

“Almost 2 years without color! I’m 29. If you’re tired of covering your gray roots, give nature one more chance.”

“I started dying my hair when I was in 8th grade. 3 years ago I stopped doing this. I admit that I’m lucky that the color silver looks good with my face.”

“It’s not about whether you look younger or older, better or worse. It’s about whether you feel like yourself and ready to accept the gifts of aging.”

Could you ever stop dying your hair and accept your natural color? Tell us your opinion in the comment section below!


Yes! It's not brave, but it is empowering to own your true self. 55 years old, shaved it all off 16 months ago.
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